Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jack in a Box

As the weather turns colder and we have to be inside more and more, its easy for Jack to get really bored, really fast.  Do you know what happens when a toddler gets bored? Bad things my friends, BAD THINGS.  From marker on the wall, to Froot Loops in the laptop...boredom breeds misbehavior in toddlers. 

Fortunately, toddlers are also easily entertained...especially when you think creatively and do something new for them.  I thought I would show you a few of the things we like to do to switch up our routines and keep Jack entertained...and therefore out of trouble!

We get diapers delivered to our house every two months...and Jack loves to have a little clubhouse made out of the box.  I cut windows into the sides, give him his crayons or markers, and away he goes. 

Another activity he loves are his 'experiments'. I give him a couple of bowls, some plastic measuring spoons, a small amount of water, and one other thing for him to mix and play with on the floor. 

On this day he had tiny little animal sponges ($1 at Five Below), but in the past I have given him dried pasta, or even just another empty bowl to transfer all the water to with the spoon.  We do this one on the kitchen floor for easy clean-up. 

This one was our Monday activity.  A FORT! I remember the fun of rigging up a sheet and spending hours playing in it, and I was glad to see that Jack seemed to have just as much fun.  He read books in there for quite a while, and then later he took his toys in and I could hear him talking to the characters. 
Can you tell he is into Thomas right now? 

So...those are three of the things we do to keep havin' fun around here.  The bonus for these activities would be that they are things that I can do with him, and also things that he can do alone - which is good for times I need to do something else like cook dinner or nurse Luke. 

I would absolutely love to hear what activities you do with your little ones to keep them having fun and out of trouble! If you have posted about the fun things you do at home, please link it, or just tell me in the comments!


  1. I used to teach in a preschool classroom and let me tell you that I LOVED seeing parents do this kind of stuff with their kids at home -- LOVED IT! It's so educational it would blow your mind how good this is for him, in ADDITION to keeping his hands and mind busy!

    PS - he makes my uterus hurt! I want a whole bunch just like your boys!!!

  2. Great post, Bekah! Activities like these are only overwhelming until you actually try them… and THEN you see the huge payoff of a busy toddler. :) Can't. go. wrong.

    1. We set up our camping tent in the basement and use it for picnics, pretending, or even napping.

    2. I have a huge bowl of wine corks that Drew loves to roll down the banister, bowl with, stack, and throw. (Probably irresponsible of me but whatever-- it works!)

    3. Set up toys in the dining room and Drew "shops" for them. He always buys them all! :)

  3. Great almost-2-year-old was driving me nuts this morning (grabbing things he shouldn't, dialing random numbers on the phone, you get the picture) then I thought of this post. I ran in the kitchen got a plastic mixing bowl and wooden spoon. I showed him how to make "toy soup". Thanks for the idea...

  4. pudding painting bekah - he loves art adn he'll love the idea he can eat too! Just do it naked and then go to the bath :) (vanilla pudding and put different food coloring in different little bowls)

    Or better yet - when you get him in the bath, teach him how to shaving cream paint on the walls - spray some on the wall, smooth it out and let him draw!


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