Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowy Saturday

We woke up on Saturday to 6 inches of snow, and although we lazed around for the first half of the day, we were excited to get out into the snow after naptime.  After bundling up two little boys, plus ourselves, headed out into the bright snow.

Not pictured are the five minutes we spent yelling at the dog to come back after he charged headlong out of the door, knocking Jack over in the process.  It was like you could almost hear his three brain cells screaming "MUST EAT SNOW. MUST EAT SNOW!'

We failed to consider the fact that Jack would be big enough to sled this year, but hopefully we can pick up a sled for him before the snow all melts away.

 Luke was a little overwhelmed by the bright sun reflecting off the snow, bit after a few minutes he was all smiles again. 

Jack had a blast using his squirt bottle to turn the snow blue (this was a big hit with the neighbor kids too!).
 All we did was add a few drops of food coloring to a bottle of water, but I have heard that you can also use Kool-aide mix in place of food coloring.

 Jack and Daddy set out together to shovel the sidewalk...which was really cute.  I had to laugh as Jack made Matt switch shovels with him several times until he finally settled on the green one.

We live in a townhouse community, so the majority of the plowing is done by a gang of dudes on four-wheelers rigged up with a plow in front.  All the guys really needed to shovel was out front walkway and our itty bitty little porch.

(Luke and I headed inside to warm up, and then I did end up taking Jack in midway through was SO cold out, I started doing the worried momma thing and brought him in for Chocolate Milk.)
After some guidance from Daddy, Jack got the hang of sliding his shovel under the snow.
 Matt and I also realized that in a few years we will have a little 'shoveling team'.  What can I say, we have big dreams for these guys. BIG DREAMS! I mean, there is no shortage of tasks they can do...snow shoveling, leaf raking, car washing...Matt and I will have to string up a hammock to kick back and supervise. 

They are so excited to hear that, can't you just see the anticipation all over their rosy little cheeks?!


  1. OMG that pic of him shoveling by himself, i died at the cuteness!

  2. Your little crew is too cute! We haven't gotten a lick of snow this winter, but I'll have to remember the squirt bottle with colored water for when it does!

  3. So adorable, your family is just too dear! Sure miss you all! xoxo, Oukie


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