Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Mission, Year 2

The boys and I had a great time visiting some loved ones on Valentine's Day.  We spent a portion of the day before baking cookies! It was the first time Jack had ever used a cookie cutter, and he did such a great job! Oddly, he also loved eating the flour.  I mean...I can eat cookie dough with the best of them...but flour? Ew.
He had a blast with the 'finkles' as well, even if he did get a little over-enthusiastic with them.  Let's just say I will be sweeping 'finkles' up off of the floor for weeks to come!
Luke was content to supervise.  He is always content to supervise, he is the most chill baby I have ever met!
When the big day rolled around, we headed out to playgroup first, where Jack put the finishing touch on a really cute Valentine's craft that I forgot to take a picture of.  So just pretend that there is a picture of that here.

Okay, THEN, we packed into the car and delivered our first batch of cookies to none other than our very favorite Spanish teacher.
We brought him lunch too, and although Jack acted really shy around the other teachers, he walked through the halls like he owned the place.
It was VERY weird to see him sitting in a desk, it kind of broke my heart in a silly way.  I felt like I had seen a little glimpse of the future, and - spoiler alert!- he grows up.
It was a nice treat to see Matt in the middle of the day, and I know Jack loved it.  He asked to go back again yesterday.

When we left there, we headed straight to our next cookie Nanny! The boys great-grandmother.  Usually I try to call before we head over, but this time I wanted to surprise her!
She was very surprised to see Jack running up the walk with a handmade Valentine and little baggie of slightly burnt sugar cookies.  We spent some time just hanging with Nanna, and then? It was off to our next stop!

Jack shyly delivered his next baggie of cookies to my mom at her office, and to his surprise...she had a Valentine for him as well!
Luke got his very first Valentine as well!

After that it was time to head home, where Luke promptly conked out on my chest while we cuddled in a chair.  Matt got home soon after and presented me with some V-day Bling!
But this little swiper took it!

We gave Jack and Luke their little Valentine mailboxes then, and they were excited to find stickers inside! Well...Jack was excited...
..Luke was indifferent, just happy to be kicking his legs in his bouncy seat. 

And then! (I know...this day was SO busy, it's a little crazy) Then! My mom watched the boys while Matt had our very first dinner without a little one present.  We went out with some friends for dinner, and it was SO nice to actually be able to listen to what people were saying!

By the end of the night, I missed my babies, but I realized that I had also really missed my husband!
Ha, what do you know! I like that guy!

And that, my friends, was our Valentine's Day.  I'm still recovering.


  1. Bekah...
    This is DARLING! :) I love the apron and the "finkles" :) There is glitter all over my house from making Valentine's... puts a smile on my face!
    You babes are tooo cute!
    So glad you got to have a little date night with the hubby, you deserve it!
    Maggie xo

  2. Sounds awesome! Busy days can be so satisfying at the same time :))

  3. Aw, the "finkles" melts my heart!

  4. I lOVE the pics, but am most sad (honestly) thaat I missed out on the vision of your mister with NO BEARD!!!! That freaked me out a little bit! :)


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