Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mommys Little Guys

I spend a lot of time as the person behind the camera, but every now and then I notice Matt creep into the room and snap a few pictures! I'm so grateful that he does this, because it is important to me to have pictures with my little dudes.

I just want to make sure that I have a visual reminder of the way they fit in my arms at this stage.  The way Jack would strain to get away, to move on to the next thing.  The way Luke was pretty much a blob.  A cute blob, but a blob nonetheless.
To remember the sound of Jack's voice as he excitedly 'popped' the eggs for our meatloaf. He was SO into it. 
The feel of Luke's squishy little cheek beneath my lips. They way he STILL opens his mouth to suck on my lips almost every time I kiss him.

Pictures just evoke memories for me, little details that I might otherwise forget.  And I don't want to forget (hence the love of blogging).


  1. What wonderful shots. Nice to see you looking so happy as a mum!

  2. So lovely. I love Luke's baby mohawk and all of your gorgeous blue eyes!

  3. Love this.

    I need to do better about being in front of the camera... you have inspired me :)


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