Thursday, March 29, 2012

Embracing the Camera

If you have clicked through your reader or visited the blog directly in the past day, you will see that I have made some changes to the ol' blog.  I'm still adjusting to them, but I am liking a  more simple look overall.  If you look to the right, you will see a picture of me and my boys, and I realized as I was looking through my pictures that we haven't gotten a single photo of the four of us since Luke was about a month old.  Dude will be six months old in about a week, so that makes me a little sad.  Something to work on in the coming week!

That about some pictures of the four of us!?  We recently got all of our pictures back from our wonderful photographer friend, Trinity, and I have been itching to show some of them off!
I mentioned it before, but our session was kind of a disaster.  Luke screamed more or less the whole time, and Jack just fell asleep about two minutes after cuddling onto Matt's lap. 
Those are Matt's 'this isn't working!' eyes. 
I think this may have been the last photo before Jack took his nap...
Yep.  He is out.  Luke on the other hand?  Still screamin'.  Poor kid.
It's funny though, for as much of a 'disaster' as the session may have been, I absolutely LOVE these pictures. 

Did you ever have a photo session go a bit off course?  It seems ours typically do, but I feel like that is the way we get the most 'us' pictures out of them!

Also - what do you think of the new look?  If there is anything all messed up through your screen, let me know! Thanks!


  1. Family photos always feel this way to me. But looking back, it's always so nice to have them!

  2. Yay, for simple looks! :)
    Everything looks fine on my end.
    (I use Firefox)

    I think the pictures came out great. I really love the second one.

  3. not a disaster! So hilariously beautiful!

  4. I love how real this photos are! I think you'll really treasure them. That first one is especially stunning.

  5. I Love the new look & I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!!

  6. Love the pictures.
    I'm now a follower of you..
    haha.. sounds stalker-ish. LOL.

  7. family photos are BEST when things go unplanned, in my opinion :)

    love these!

  8. Love the photos! You have a beautiful family!

  9. I am loving your new layout :) Loving your blog!

  10. Fantastic pictures and adorable little boys!

  11. I wouldn't say this session is a disaster at all. I love these photos.


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