Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House Tour: Bedroom

While I have never actually shown off our finished bedroom, I have shown our room in several different posts, most recently our room was seen in our newborn photos with Luke.  Sure, it was just a little glimpse here and there of a detail or two, but it was there nonetheless.  When we first moved in, we focused on all the other rooms of the house while Matt and I slept on the floor on two twin mattresses shoved up next to each other.  Glamorous huh?

Our bedroom furniture was the first major furniture purchase we had made together, and we were very excited to have it finally arrive after about a month of sleeping like vagrants on the floor.  I’ve read many times that bedrooms that are too matchy-matchy are kinda predictable, maybe a little boring…but you know what?  I don’t care.  I like it! I know Matt likes it too, because every time we stay somewhere else, upon our return he flops down on the mattress and declares his undying love for our bed.

As I mentioned in a previous post, since Luke was born we have rearranged the bedroom three times.  First the bed was on the wall across from the windows, then the windows were behind the bed, and now it has finally come full circle to where it should have been all along.
The metal wings were a clearance find back when we were first married and living in our first apartment.  They have graced our bedroom ever since, aside from a brief stint in the dining area of our old house.  Almost everyone who sees them asks about them, and Matt and I joke that we should make up a better story than ‘Oh…we found them on clearance…”, something more exciting like me learning the art of metal working from Peruvian monks or something….

…moving on….

Towards the left of the windows is the closet, and while it’s a nice sized closet (that the dog believes is his own room), I don’t really think we need a picture of that in here.  Picture clothes, shoes, and a large lab-mix snoring on the floor.
We decided to have the bed off center in the room a little bit, in order to give the dresser a little more space to breathe.  No one likes to wake up, swing their legs out of bed, and stub their toe.

Like I said before, that is not the mirror we originally had there, and to be honest…I’m not a big fan of the mirror at all.  It went to the old hand-me-down set we had when we first married, and although it does the trick, it doesn’t fit the space like the old one did.  In pictures…I see that this wall looks a bit bare, but I also don’t want to overcrowd it.  I’d say a nice potted plant would be pretty in here, but let’s be honest…I’d kill that thing in no time at all.

Oh, and notice the second drawer down on the right is missing the drawer pull?  Yeah, you can thank a very industrious two year old for that one.  I have the pull part, but it is missing a piece to connect it.  I was in the room with him, so it has to be here SOMEWHERE.  Toddlers.
The trunk at the foot of the bed is a gift from my brother.  He moved into his first apartment last year, and I went with him to look at furniture.  We stumbled across this one for $20 at Goodwill, and I convinced him that it would make a great coffee table (it does), all the while drooling with envy because I love that thing.  He no longer lives in that apartment, and told me he doesn’t need the trunk so I could have it if I wanted.  I mean…if he was going to twist my arm! Sheesh, I’ll take it! Haha, thanks Everett!

The blue glass owl was my mom’s, I remember it hanging in her bedroom window when I was very little.  The typewriter is one I found while digging around on my grandma’s farm, and the yellow birdcage to the right was a gift from my Aunt Lucy.  It was the card holder for our wedding, and it now holds candles and rocks from the riverbank where Matt proposed!  Awwwww
This little nook has just enough space for my tiny little secretary desk (Craigslist find!) where I keep my camera gear away from little grubby hands.  The picture above the desk was made by my Great-Aunt Joyce in 1982 so…yeah…older than me! There is just enough space on top of the desk for some pretty green glass bottles and a picture from Jack’s dedication.  At some point I would like to find a chair to go with this, but I’ll wait patiently for the right one to come along.

And there you have it.  And just for the record, yes…I totally shoved two baskets of laundry into the closet before I took these! Hey, it was clean laundry…so in my book that’s a plus, but in all likelihood it will not get put away before we end up wearing it.  I’m just being honest here!  Man, I hate laundry.


  1. I absolutely love your room!! And it totally counts since the laundry was clean!

  2. I love your room! That bed frame is so gorgeous!!

  3. thanks ladies!! Im having fun sharing these pics!

  4. I lo-o-o-ve so many things! The framed embroidery! The wicker trunk! The tiny secretary desk!


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