Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Tour: Eat-in Kitchen

I feel like this portion of the house tour is kind of silly.  We live in a rental, and unless I want to see our landlord's head explode, I really can't do anything drastic here.  I mean...I'm thinkin' they would be upset if I painted the cabinets or replaced their tile (it is awful though, so maybe not?).

But like I said, I want there to be a record of the place where my babies were babies, and let's be honest...we do a lot of our living around food, so yeah, this room is important - if not beautiful.

Basically, the entire back half of our house is devoted to the storage, preparation, or consumption of food. One half is the kitchen, one half is the dining area, and the pantry is there as well.  We can start with the kitchen.
There is really only so much you can do to personalize a kitchen in a rental, and since too much in the was of visual clutter grates on my nerves (in my home, anyway) I don't like to have a whole awful lot on the counter tops.  In fact, I am thinking about taking down all of the stuff up top on the cabinets.  I'm just...sick of seeing it, you know?

The newest addition is something that I whipped up on Sunday night.  We had gone to the craft store to pick up a new wreath form, and I saw that wooden letters were on sale, so I snagged a few and painted them a nice springy green.
I'm certainly not the first person to do this, but I like the bright pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.   

The little owl napkin holder was my grandparents, so you are looking as some authentic 70's decor right there! After they passed away, my Uncle brought over a box full of stuff, and I snagged that little guy.  He just seems happy.
 I've toyed with the idea of painting him, but I think I rather like him in his wooden state. 

Let's move on to the other side of the room, shall we?  Do you remember when I said that our bedroom furniture was the first big house-related purchase Matthew and I made?  Well, I lied.  I mean, I didn't lie on purpose, but I honestly forgot about this particular story until I was taking these pictures.

Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, Matt and I decided it was time to start looking for a table.  What can I say, a week or two of eating at the coffee table will do that to you.  We hit up a few stores before we found one that we really liked, and as I recall we got a pretty good deal on it.  The employees at the store helped load it into Matt's truck, and it wasn't until we got home that we realized that we now had to haul a 300lb. marble topped table up a hill, then up a flight of exterior stairs into our tiny little apartment.   Somehow we managed to get it all the way to the top of the stairs before my chicken arms gave out.  I dropped the box containing the table, but I tried to brace it with my body.  I didn't take into account that it weighed more than twice my body weight, so it knocked me backwards into my neighbors door, which FLEW OPEN.  I fell flat on my rear in the middle of their living room, their tiny little chihuahua was FREAKING OUT as I scrambled up and shut the door behind me, yelling my apologies as I went.  

It was kind of mortifying.  So yeah...THAT was our first big purchase.  I can't believe I forgot that story. Annnnyway....here is that table.  We did switch out the awful brass chandelier with an oil-rubbed bronze one of our own, and will just put the old one back when we move.  Seriously...the original one was so bad.  SO bad. 
Due to space concerns, we pushed the table up against the wall.  Eventually, we will have the two leather parson's chairs on the ends, and we actually have four of the wooden chairs that we will put on the side.  For now though, this works well for us.

See that 'centerpiece'?  Matt isn't a huge fan of my propensity to bring home 'junk'.  He was especially not too happy to see that this was a little on the big side, but since it was the original candy scale at my step-grandfathers parents grocery store, he just shook his head and loaded it into the back of my car.  (Poor guy didn't know he married a closet hoarder)  I later did a little research on the makers of the scale, and what do you know?  That sucker is over one hundred years old!
Matt likes it more now, and I like that it is a very out-of-the-box centerpiece.  To the left of the table is the sliding glass door out to our deck, and to the right is the pantry.  I'd love to show you a picture of a beautiful organized and labeled pantry, but I am more of the shove-the-groceries-on-the-shelf person, so we can just skip that. 

The kitchen is also where we keep Jack's art supplies, easel, and art line.

To the right of the art line is the door to the laundry room, which, again - is not fit to be seen.  It's not that it's wrecked, but there isn't much to see.  So yeah....
There you have it.  Oh and yes, we do have two coffee makers.  What can I say, Momma likes her legal stimulants.

As far as house posts go, this one was pretty boring...so let's all just focus on the part where I fell flat on my rear in my neighbor's living room shall we?


  1. Pretty boring? I don't think so! Check out that incredible centrepiece for a start and I love that table - tell me, is the marble cold to the touch or does it warm up a bit?

  2. Your rental kitchen is 239489349 x's better than mine, at least you don't have pink countertops :p

    It looks really nice! & I love those wooden green letters and the way you hang all the boys drawings. :)

    Oh, and I have that same owl napkin holder!

  3. thanks guys! Hmmm....the marble, I had to go check! stays pretty cool, its a little cooler than the floor tiles

  4. Sweet kitchen tour and of course I LOVE the vintage items...the scale is great as a centerpiece!! I see your pics and I'm transported there, watching Jack do this thing and cuddling newborn Luke, yummy!! xoxo, Oukie

  5. Oh man, that story makes me laugh. Especially because we used to have 2 chihuahua's and I can just imagine them FREAKING.OUT!

    We rent too and this looks so similar to our kitchen. So much I'd like to do, but definitely not going to pour the money/time into it.

    For the record, I think it looks great! I love the green letters, your table, and that scale is amazing!

  6. I love it!! I love your old 'junk' too!!!

  7. that scale!!! ohhhhh that scale! it is FABULOUS!!!! i love it!

  8. I love this! It's nice to see a real kitchen, in which you're doing what you can with what you have! And it looks like the room has lovely light, which is a major plus for a kitchen.

    Love your decorations. We own our home but our kitchen, though quite decent, is not where I'd like it to be...I'd like to say it's a work in progress, but really no progress has occurred in almost 3 years except for curtains and a paint swatch taped next to the window! We have an old house and 3 little kids...so I have to have looooong-range goals. :)


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