Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House Tour: Jack's Room

Maybe it is because I am a parent, and always looking for ways to spice up my little one's rooms, but I just love seeing children's rooms that other people have put together.  I guess I feel like that is where you can really have some fun with color and off-the-wall elements.  I've touched briefly on different aspects of Jack's room before (paintings here, and big boy bed here) but I have never done a legitimate tour of his room, so I am pretty excited for this one!

When I was pregnant with Jack, we decided not to find out if he was a boy or girl, but I don't think that would have changed the way we did his room.  We love Dr. Seuss, so it was perfect for us to make a space for our child with Dr. Seuss characters at it's core.  Once Jack arrived and we started knowing him better, we added more things that fit his personality.

Here is the his room when you stand in the doorway.  Paintings, bunting, and curtains are made by me.  The beautiful blue quilt was made for him by Matt's mom, and she also made the Thomas the Tank Engine pillows for him.  He loves those pillow so much! It's pretty cute!
There is a little nook where the door opens, which is nice because we didn't really lose any space behind the door, and you can see a portion of the bulletin board that he has in there, which is where we hung his train calendar.   The bed is the top half of a bunk bed set, which was perfect for us because we now have Luke's big boy bed in storage, and should the boys ever want bunk beds when they are older, we have that option as well. 

Here is the view of the other wall.  Due to the size of the room, I had to shoot these vertically, but for reference, his dresser is on the other side of the window in the above picture.
Those toy bins used to be organized, but now they are kind of just stuffed with toys.  Hey, if it's off the floor, it's fine with me!  The gallery wall is an ongoing work in progress.
I've just been adding to it as inspiration strikes.  The pictures from the movie Cars are actually from a sticker book that I got for Jack at the grocery store, but when I saw how vibrant the colors were I thought they would make nice (CHEAP) wall art for a Cars lovin' little boy.  The picture in the green frame is one that my sister stitched for Jack on the night he was born and gave to us at the hospital the next day! It's such a sweet thing for me to see on the wall!

I'd like to touch on his dresser for a minute.  Both of the boys have a beautiful dresser that Matt's uncle made by hand, specifically for them.

 I love that they have these heirloom pieces, and I am so glad they will be able to keep them for years to come (maybe even for their own babies! Eeek what a thought!).  On top of the dresser is his piggy bank, his crayon bank (dude loves saving coins!), and his goldfish.  Side note: I had to move the fish food off of his dresser because one day I came into his room to find him standing on a box at his dresser, eating the fish food.  True story.

Now...I usually steer clear of closet pictures, because really - hanging clothes are pretty standard, but in kid spaces, it is important to make the most of your toy storage.  We put a foam puzzle mat in his closet and he uses that area as more play space.
We put his tool bench on one side, and some other larger toys on the other.  He can open the sliding doors, so he can get to these toys anytime he likes.  He isn't really into stuffed animals, so we keep them on the top shelf. 
There is just enough room for him to hunker down and actually sit on the floor with his toys in there, and it is very cute to hear him playing in his closet. 

So there you have it! Jack's big boy room!
I'm so glad I finally added this to the blog! If you have any questions about anything in his room, ask away! I will answer in the comments!


  1. I really love those Dr. Seuss canvas prints and that bunting is really cute :)

  2. Such a fun room! I bet he loves being in there :)

  3. I love the bunting! It is a great idea... and one I may have to use for inspiration ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! Its definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house!


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