Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest

I was browsing Pinterest the other night - as one does - and I saw a very cute Easter Egg garland that was (most importantly) free, and nice and bright. We happened to walk past a paint counter a few days later, so Jack and I snagged a few bright swatches.  He and I worked on it on Saturday morning, and by that I mean I worked on it while he mangled a paint chip with his plastic Play-doh scissors.  Good help is hard to find, you know?
I didn't particularly have anywhere to hang it in mind when I started my project, but since I needed to remove the St. Patty's Day 'art' from the chalkboard, I figured that was as good a place as any!

I rather like it there!


  1. Those eggs look great! & I really love that chalkboard.

  2. Love the egg garland!!!

    "Choose joy in all things" can't tell you how often i say that to myself! I'd love to have that somewhere in our house :-)

  3. Very cute! And I love your handwriting!

  4. @Meganthanks! I had fun re-writing it several ways until I liked it!


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