Friday, March 23, 2012


So.  We have been sick.  Tuesday started off with bang at 4 am when Jack came crying into our room. I scooped him up into my arms, assuming that all he needed was reassurance that we were there, then tucked back into bed.  Nope.  Within a few seconds I had received a face full of vomit (I know, I'm really selling this whole 'kids are great' thing huh?).

Needless to say we took it easy that day.  Jack rested on the couch while watching movies, and thankfully it seemed like a very short-lived bug, by that night he was back to almost normal, and by Wednesday he was completely himself again.

HOWEVER, Wednesday evening both Matt and I came down with the same bug.  I'll spare you the majority of the details there, but the evening culminated in me passing out in the bathroom, then (upon waking) crawling into the bedroom where Matt had to practically carry me into bed.  

It was so pathetic it is actually funny now.

We both felt a little better by the next day, although I'll be honest and say that Paddington Bear did more parenting than we did.  We were both counting down the minutes until 7 o'clock when the boys go to bed so that we could do the same.  Bath time (finally) rolled around, and as I knelt over the tub washing the boys, Matt brought in their towels, looked at me, and said

"You are such a pretty woman."

What a guy, huh?


  1. Oh man. I'm sorry you guys have been sick! But what a guy you've got there.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this has been a bad week. Oh, I remember those days too well!!

    I always tell you I pray for someone like Matt to walk into my daughters life and love her like he loves you. When I think of a prince charming for is Your Matt that comes into my mind....surely there is another out there somewhere!!!

    Take it easy....that type of thing does me in!!

  3. Aww, you poor guys, that's the pits!! I remember the time when I was little and all six of us had it at one about every man for himself!! Poor's funny now but horrible then, haha. Glad you are all feeling you, Oukie

  4. I forgot how much I lve to read your blog. Love this.


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