Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luke: 5 Months

Brace yourselves for a slew of baby pictures.  I tried to narrow it down,, this kid is stinkin' cute!
So. He is five months old today. Yep.  FIVE.  Not quite sure how, but time seems to be going at warp speed these days.  I've started calling him my Luke-appotomus, and while I'm not sure why that nickname came about, it seems to be one of the first things I coo to him in the mornings. 
He has just started to eat food, although he is not on a set schedule, usually he eats 'dinner' with us in the evenings.  He is loving his rice cereal, and bananas were also quite the hit.  When Jack started to eat, it was more just spooning cereal into his mouth and watching it dribble back down his chin.  Not so with Luke.  He gobbles up all of his food, then looks for more.  You would think he doesn't get enough food from the way he eyes up any and all food in the vicinity, but really...look at that bod.  This kid isn't starving. 
He has one tooth, and I am fairly certain that there are more on the way. He loves to chomp on anything he can get his little paws on, be that my hair or his own feet...if he can grab it, he will bite it.  
He is such a happy little soul.  His recent loves are his brother and the dog.  He just lights up when they are next to him, especially if he is in his exersaucer and they stop to check it out.  He bounces and flaps his arms like the happiest little chicken you ever did see.  As he is becoming more and more interactive, Jack has really started to take an interest in him, bringing him books and toys, asking to have him sit next to him, and once or twice he has even asked to hold him.
About a month ago he moved from sleeping in our room to sleeping in his own room, and although that initially went well, his sleep patterns have really gone to crap in the last two weeks.  We think it is partially because he is ready to be unswaddled, but when he sleeps without a swaddle he flaps his arms and legs so much that he scares himself and wakes up...yet when he is swaddled he strains against the swaddle until he wakes up rather angry.  QUITE the baby sleep conundrum.  We will get there, if there is anything that parenting Jack has taught me, it is that phases come and go, and although this is difficult now, in a few months he will be bigger and sleeping more...and I will miss our late night snuggles. 
We are pretty sure those baby blues are here to stay at this point, and I gotta say...I really never thought I would have a blue eyed baby.  Sure, my eyes are blue, but with Matt's dominant brown genes, I expected both my boys to have the same beautiful chocolate eyes that their daddy has. 
As you can see from the picture above, the kid is full of sass.  As much as he is a happy guy, he also isn't afraid to voice his discontent.  In this case, he was done with pictures and wanted to be held. 

Oh, and if you ever wonder what Jack is up to when I am taking pictures of you go...


Another interesting little tidbit, while I was in labor with Luke, Matt and I looked up into the night sky saw a shooting star, and just the other night we saw that Luke's belly button is a tiny perfect five-pointed star.  God never ceases to amaze, does he?


  1. well the star belly button thing just made me cry. beautiful boy!

  2. Yeah, I couldnt believe it! He was kicking around on the floor and all of the sudden I noticed that it was a star!

  3. Sitting here with tears, it's hard to believe Luke's 5 months old. Oh Bekah, he is so adorable, that bod and those beautiful Mama eyes, just too precious! Wish I could hold his royal squishiness. I do believe he has the Kerrison earlobes as well, yummy! Kiss all of your dear boys for us. Also, got behind on your blog, the living room changes are terrific, just love what you've done! Love and miss you so, Oukie

  4. He is so stinkin' cute! I totally busted up laughing when I read that you call him Luke-appotomus, because I immediately pictured the Big and Chunky song scene from Madagascar 2. In case you are not it is! It's Luke's new theme song :)

  5. haha Angie I was just singing that to him yesterday! I never made the hippo connection before though!

  6. Bekah, he is adorable. Simply adorable!! I have brown eyes and my husband has blue...I so wanted one of mine to have blue eyes...but nope, both brown! I'd say you are very lucky that happened, it does not happen often. Special for sure!! I cracked up when I saw stinkin cute!!

    You are so blessed to have your three guys!! I love these posts where they are about the boys!!

    Hugs to your sweet boys!

  7. He is SO adorable!!! Love that last pic, too. Big bro's have a way of being so silly. :)

  8. Love the pics :) Just a heads up for the mama hoping for the blues to stay - we thought the same things for Hugs - his changed when he was around two to the most beautifully hazelly color that I adore. But I think you blue eyed parents should get at least one kid! :o)

  9. He is such a beautiful baby!


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