Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Project

Do you remember about a year ago when that big ol’ tree fell on the old house?  Well, in that same storm, I accidently left a window cracked in our bedroom.  The wind was strong enough that that teeny little crack let in a gust strong enough to blow our big mirror off of the wall.  The mirror shattered all over our room, and let me tell you,shattered glass is a HUGE pain to clean up.  I’ve always loved that mirror, so I was sad to see it go, but I saved the frame with a future project in mind.

I stored it in the basement and promptly forgot all about it for about a year.

Fast forward to this weekend, we knew it was supposed to be beautiful outside (i.e. painting weather!), so we made a quick trip to a home improvement store. to pick up something to replace the back of the shattered mirror.

Once we got home I put my two handsome assistants to work, and work they did! I’m such a slave driver!
I took the frame outside and spray-painted that bad boy glossy white, then I dug into my craft corner for…
Chalkboard paint! It took two coats, and to be honest I should have used a primer first to smooth things out underneath the paint, but hey – you live you learn, right?

We took the boys to the park for the afternoon while everything dried,then came home and did some grilling.  After dinner we set to work assembling our chalkboard, and once again…we put our little assistant to work (Luke watched from his exersaucer).
Once Jack had finished measuring the wall, we hung up our project.

 I couldn't resist adding some Shamrock charm, because St. Patty's Day is just a week away, and my kilt-loving husband can't wait to show off his legs!

And there you have it…easy peasy chalkboard, created over the course of a weekend.  If you have an old frame laying around, grab it and go!


  1. Very cool! Where did you get your chalkboard paint? I can't seem to find any, I can only find the spray paint kind.

  2. It looks great! I need to get my craft on soon!

  3. thanks ladies! this was a fun easy one!

  4. Is it easy to write on or erase? I love the idea but have always wondered if it's really as good as a regular chalkboard.

  5. Very, very cute! The pic of your boys working together, priceless!! xoxo, Oukie

  6. awww that's cool!


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