Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day 2012

If you have been reading for since Jack was a baby, you may remember this post. Well, Jack's tree is still alive and kicking - although he is a little small...apparently he needed a much bigger pot for a while.  I had my handsome assistants remedy that this year, and since then the tree has had a major growth spurt...sorry little guy!

As Earth Day approached this year, I was so excited to go out and get a tree to plant for Luke as well, I even drew a little tree on the calendar in anticipation (what?  I know I am a dork, it's ok).

Earth Day dawned cold and rainy, but that couldn't hold us down.  We were saddened to learn that the nursery where we got Jack's tree is no longer in operation, but we called around to find anyone having an Earth day celebration, or even just someone with seedlings for sale.

Again and again, we heard the same thing 'nope, be have bigger trees though', or 'oh, no we aren't doing anything for Earth day'.  So...long story short(er)...I had to order a seedling for Luke through the Arbor Day Foundation  .  It should be here soon.

And yes...I am pouting.  I even had Luke dressed in the SAME EXACT CLOTHES that Jack wore to plant his first tree.

HOWEVER, in honor of Earth Day, I am still going to share of planting pictures with you. About two weeks ago, we added a few plants to the ol' homestead, in the form of a tomato plant, some basil, parsley, and a pepper plant.  I figure if I have to take care of them, I should at least get to eat them, you know?

Jack was so excited to hear that we were encouraging him to dig in the dirt.  He did get a little crazy with the shovel, but that the fun of being two years old!

The neat thing about these plants is that they come in a little biodegradable pot that you just soak in the water, then tear open at the bottom and plant the whole shebang.

I didn't manage to get many picture of the planting process, but bury it in dirt...I think we all can mentally picture that one, right?

The tomato plant (and Jack's tree) live outside, and the other three reside on our kitchen windowsill, mainly because I wanted to be able to smell the basil.    Here they are when we planted them...

...and here they are about two weeks later (right before I picked some basil to add to our dinner - it was delish!).
Oh and those fun little plastic pots?  97 cents at Wal-mart.  We will have to re-pot the pepper pretty soon, but for now I am enjoying their happy presence in my kitchen!

And so ends the story of how Luke did NOT get a tree planted in his name on Earth Day...

If I am being honest though, Earth Day wasn't a total fail, since we did get the chance to go downtown the day before for the 'Go Green in the City' event.  How was your Earth Day?  Did you get your hands dirty?


  1. I think if you donate $10 to the Arbor Day foundation, they send you 10 free trees!

    And I love those little 97 cent pots!

    1. We saw that! Which is really cool, and if we had our own yard we would probably have done it! I might do that next year to give out as gifts though...I was really disappointed that there was nothing local happening on Earth Day

  2. All of those plants are beautiful! We didn't do anything for Earth Day, but I do plan on planting some things this weekend!


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