Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy Felt Eggs

As an Easter gift for my nieces and nephew, I thought I would create them a little gift of the non-sugar variety.  Kids love to 'cook', and eggs and Easter kind of go hand in hand, so I made them this cute little felt egg craft.

It was very easy, and egg-ceptionally (I know, it's so bad it hurts) easy on the wallet. 

I started out with sheet of yellow felt, which I traced circles onto with half of an Easter egg.  These are tHe egg yolks.

Then I cut two sheets of white felt into curvy shapes for the egg whites.  Eggs are pretty forgiving when it comes to shape, just make sure you have enough room for your 'yolk' in the middle. 

I could have just glued the yolk onto the white at this point, but I wanted my eggs to have a little more of a 3-D look.  I layered the whites with a cotton ball, then capped it with a yolk.

I then stitched around the yolk with some yellow thread, and voila! A felt egg.

I popped each egg into an Easter egg, and gave each child a little frying pan as well.

I gotta say, these are stinkin' cute! The kids liked them, although I think it made a bigger impact with the parents!

Cost Breakdown- I made 20 eggs, 4 for each child. 

3 sheets of felt@ $0.29 each - $0.87
3 frying pan set (2 pans per set) @ $0.60 per set - $1.80
Dollar Store Easter Eggs -$1

I bought both the felt and the frying pan sets at Michaels. Cotton Balls, thread, and paper bags I already had at home, so my grand total came to $3.67, so yeah - CHEAP!  Aside from the sewing, it was a quick craft.  I'm not all that skilled with a needle and thread, so that part of the craft took a little longer, but probably came to under an hour.  I just waited until the boys were in bed and sewed my eggs while watching an old episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix.

There you have it! An easy, cute craft that won't give your kid cavities!

Just out of curiosity, what do you call eggs like this?  Here in PA, we call them 'Dippy Eggs', but I'm told that is just a regional thing.


  1. So cute! I love that you gave them little frying pans too. In England we'd call those fried eggs - much more boring than dippy eggs.

  2. Where did you get the frying pans? They are cute.

    1. Micheals! I meant to include that in the post! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Very cute!

    Never heard "dippy eggs", I think you're right that it's a regional thing :) We call them over-easy, I guess!

  4. We call those eggs "sunny-side-up". Dippy eggs in our house are soft cooked eggs (cooked in the shell). Yummy!

  5. Never heard of a dippy egg. Those are too cute!

  6. You are GENIUS my dear!!!! :) Absolutely darling!
    {My mom gave Josie a cloth doll for Easter, instead of candy - and it was perfect!}

  7. I like it :) I was so confused when I moved to the southwest and ordered dippy eggs and they had no idea what I was talking about! - Beth :)


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