Monday, April 2, 2012


-We went to Washington D.C. for the weekend with Matt's parents, and it was so much fun, we happened to be there on the day of a big ol' kite festival and you guys?  I had no idea so many people liked to fly kites! It was kind of amazing.  But anyway...I am still sorting through the 200 pictures we took while we were there, and I have a bunch of random stuff to share anyway, so this post is coming to you bullet-point style.

- The boys have colds AGAIN.  Today they are both running a low grade fever and just kind of clingy, so I think it will be a very low-key day on the couch.  Not to mention we all need to recover from such a fun weekend.

- I can't wait to see my little guys in their Easter attire (hint - there is a bow-tie involved).

- I signed up for my first ever photography class.  It is in May, and I am already nervous, but I am really excited to not only learn more about using my camera, but also to get back into a classroom-type setting.  Some days I feel like my brain has completely turned to mush.  I mean, I can diaper with one hand, but stringing together a full sentence can be a challenge sometimes.

- A week or so ago, Luke was playing on the floor and noticed that Daddy was laying nearby.  He barrel rolled the whole way over until he was tucked up against Matt's side and then just laid there and smiled.  It was so precious. 

- On Friday I caught Jack standing on his stool with his hand in his fishtank.  On the floor nearby was his butterfly net, and although I can't be sure, I think he tried to catch his fish with the net but it wouldn't fit.  Poor fish needs a new place to have his tank!

- Speaking of Jack, he has developed what can only be described as an attitude.  I know I have mentioned his attitude before, but it used to be kind of cute.  Now?  It is disobedient, and he knows it.  This parenting gig is no joke huh? This is the look he gives us, accompanied by muttering (muttering! At 2.5 years old! Agh) as he says 'I don't wanna' or just plain old 'no!'. 
Trust me, it looks cuter in the picture than it is in person.  Parenting a two year old is extremely frustrating.  I mean, who knew?  You would think they would have a term for this stage of life.  Something like...I don't know...the terrible twos or something. 

- Matt had his furlough meeting last week, so yes.  That is official.  There are a few local jobs that have come up, so we would LOVE yours prayers in that area! I'd be lying if I said this wasn't extremely heavy on my heart lately. I'm torn between wanting to be hopeful and supportive, and yet the whiney part of me really just wants to wallow. 

-This is getting a bit long, so I'll just end it with was YOUR weekend?  Did you play it low-key, or were you out and about?


  1. Aw, I hope your boys get well soon!

    Good luck with your photography classes :)

  2. I love that shot of him next to his daddy. Too sweet.
    We ate in the throws of "the twos" and I hear ya. You can do it!
    So praying for you guys about the job. That's scary but you can rest knowing that the Lord is for your success and will always provide.

  3. Oh Lord, I know that attitude so well! Doesn't it just tick you off?!

    I'm sorry about Matt having to look for a new job--that's just sucky. I hope everything is resolved quickly for you guys!

  4. Ok wait, so how far apart are your boys? I didn't realize your oldest was 2.5... my boys are 18(ish) months apart so I'm just curious!

    The attitude issue is a HUGE problem around here as well. Jaxon just turned 3 and his favorite line is "ok, FINE!" Ugh.

    I'm so sorry about the stress on your heart. Praying peace over you today!

    1. They are 23 months apart, almost to the day! Thank you for your prayers!

  5. I SO hear you on the terrible twos thing. I thought it was just a myth, but at almost 2.5 years, it's finally coming out. Ugh :-/ what happened to my little angel???

  6. The "Terrible Two's" have had full reighn in this household for sometime now, and let's just say it makes me want to pull my hair out most days!!!! :/ grrrrrrrr! Keep the faith sister! :) and I will do the same!
    SOOOOO excited for your photog class! I want deets, asap! AND I must see pics from the kite extravaganza!!!!
    lots of love,

  7. Oh, that photo of Jack! Ha! Welcome to life with a nearly 15 year old boy. So much muttering!

    Definitely be praying for good things on the job front. So happy we got out on the bright side sooner rather than later, so I'll hope the same for your family, too!

  8. A photography class sounds like a lot of fun! What kind of camera do you have? Sorry to hear about Matt's job :(

    1. Sorry for some reason I didnt see this question until now! I have a Canon Rebel that I bought about five years ago, but am still learning to use! Haha what can I say...I am a slow learner! Id like to get a new camera in the next year or so, but I need to learn A LOT before I can justify that.


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