Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recent Firsts

Both of my little dudes have recently have recently marked a few important firsts in their lives.  Behold...
After what felt like weeks of teething, he finally has a tooth! Also he now bites, a lot.
Friends of ours recently gave Jack a bike that their children have outgrown, and he was SO excited.  We went to the store where he picked out that wicked shark helmet, and couldn't wait to get home and ride his bike.  He doesn't actually pedal yet, but darned if he doesn't look good anyway!
He absolutely loved sitting in the swing at the park.  He just sat there with his little tongue poked out like that (this was pre-tooth, so we saw a lot of that little tongue).

Any recent firsts for you (or your littles) happen recently?


  1. SO cute! Haha, I just posted yesterday about a few of Ryan's firsts from the weekend... too bad they weren't fun firsts like yours! Ryan had his first seizure and his first ambulance ride. Not gonna lie, I hope they are his last!

    1. Oh my! I read the post, and I am so glad he is ok!

  2. Luke is the cutest!! And Jack is too cool in his shark helmet!

  3. so fun! Des had his first swing yesterday and just started saying "dada". I think we'll be seeing a tooth pretty soon as well!
    PS I wish we loved closer, I feel like our boys would have lots of fun if we could do playdates :)


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