Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Oh man, the days are flying by so fast! Every time I turn around another weekend has come and gone!  So let's see...what has happened around here lately?

-Luke has officially gotten two teeth, and his two upper teeth are on the way! In other words - we don't sleep at all right now. Yawn.

-Luke started army crawling! Actually, he started army crawling very slowly a few weeks ago, but now he is a so fast!  He is across the room as soon as I put him down.

- My niece Gemma turned one! They has the cutest little shabby-chic tea party for her, and I had fun taking pictures for them so my sister could just enjoy her baby girls day.  This was one of my favorites!
- Oh and this one too!

-After Matt and I put the boys to bed on Sunday we were cleaning up the downstairs and Matt told me to grab my camera and go out of the deck.  A storm was rolling in, and it was so crazy-looking! It came in SO fast, and was SO dark.   We were both reminded of the scene in "Independence Day" when the UFO's roll over the city in the clouds!

- We spent part of the Holiday weekend with Matt's family, and part with mine.  We had so much fun soaking up the sun, and Jack had a blast playing with all of his cousins.

-I went to my photography class last week! I was so nervous, and I was pretty sure they would look at me and just tell me to go home! Haha, that didn't happen, but I did try to back out at the last minute.  Matt wouldn't let me!  I ended up absolutely loving it, and it helped me understand some things that had kind of been just conceptual to me before that.  Taking the class gave me the confidence boost to begin shooting in manual!  I know some people are definitely the type that can just teach themselves, and that is great, but I am a classroom learner - having someone actually show me EXACTLY what they mean was the best way for me to really understand some of the more complicated concepts in manual photography.  (note: I don't use manual focus - I let the camera do that!)

- Matt only has about a week left at school, and while usually that is extremely exciting, this year it is just sad.  He has made some great friends working there, and he really loves his job.

- I think we found a house up where he will be working.  It's a renovated farmhouse, so it definitely has its quirks, but it should be a good place for our little family for a little while.  I am still hopeful that Matt will find another job in teaching, if not this year - then the next - or the next.

So yeah....that is a portion of our lives lately!

What is new with all of you?! How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Anyone else out there with a sunburn?!


  1. What photography class did you take? My parents are going to one at the York Camera Shop in York City.. I might check it out in July.

  2. I took a class in Harrisburg with McKay Photography. It was just one class, but it was five hours of info, instead of going back weekly. With the two little dudes I cant commit to a weekly class so this was great for me!

  3. Those kids are precious! I'd love to take a photography class eventually.

  4. How fun and yay for shooting in manual! Excited to hear more about your new potential home :)


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