Monday, May 14, 2012

Yard Salin'

Back in September, Matt and I cleaned out our basement and had it nice and organized.  And then?  Then we had freak flooding in PA and our basement flooded.  Picture us spreading tarps and throwing boxes around hulk-style to get them out of the water spreading across the floor, and you can pretty much get the idea of the state of our basement.  Then throw into the mix that we had a baby the next month, and yeah...our basement was a bit of a disaster. 

(All these photos are from my phone, so I apologize in advance for the poor quality.  My camera card reader has gone to the big electronics store in the sky.)

And by "a bit of a disaster" I mean it was REALLY BAD. 
See.  I told you.  You know what makes this picture even worse? 
As you can see, the basement was out of control. Over the past few weeks I have been sneaking down there during nap times or when the boys are in bed and sorting through our mess.  I put things into boxes to either keep, donate, or sell.  Meanwhile, a few miles away, my sister was doing the same thing.  Although I can promise you that she would never allow her basement to get to the point that mine did. 

She came to pick me (and all of my crap) up on Saturday, and we headed to the park down the street to set up our very own booth at a community yard sale.  I have a really cute picture of Em and I standing in from of our truck piled high with stuff, but it's on my camera :(.  Picture the opening montage from the Beverly Hillbillies

We got there two hours before it was supposed to start and found that the 'serious' yard salers had been there since 5:30am! Yowza.  We set up our little canopy and spread all of our stuff out on tables, sat back, and drank our coffee.  It was fabulous. 
Emily at our booth
We seriously had such a fun time together.  Sitting back at a yard sale makes for some excellent people watching!
Me lounging at our booth.
We knew that the kids were all in good hands with their Daddies, and it was oddly calm in the midst of the yard sale, simply because there were no little hands clinging to legs. take relaxation when you can get it!

We sold quite a bit of the stuff we had put out, and what was left over we loaded into the truck and took straight to Goodwill to drop off.  There was no way I was bringing ANY of that back into my house!

We decided that this sister yard sale thing will become a yearly tradition, and at the end of the day we had had a lot of fun, made a little extra cash, and my basement? 
MUCH better! I still have a huge pile of stuff to drop off at Goodwill, but the basement has come a long way.  The boys and I don't generally hang out down here, but Matt does keep/play his guitars down here, so it's nice to have this area checked off our "to do" list!


  1. I need to do this BADLY right now. Our garage is full, and we have a whole bedroom that needs to be emptied out ASAP as well! But to be honest, garage sales are kind of intimidating for me--you need price stickers, and organization, and change to give to people...and I just feel like I will be TICKED if I don't make any money, lol!

  2. I need to do this so badly myself!! It is work!! I wish I had a basement like would be crammed full!!

  3. YES! I did this a few weeks ago at my Mom's HUGE subdivision sale... and I love it!!!

  4. Wow! Great work! I'm seriously impressed :)

  5. Good for you for cleaning all that out! You rock!

  6. ANd at least you have an extra play area for the summertime if it rains! Great job! I wanna throw a yard sale but I'm too intimidated...I like the idea of going to a town sale (we have a huge one every year in town)!

  7. How did I miss this post? Must not of came thru on my reader :( That flood was crazy, I hope it doesn't happen again this summer. Took me 3 hours to get home that day, and then I couldn't get back out for two days!


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