Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday Showers

Last weekend we celebrated the quickly approaching wedding of my youngest sister.  It's weird to think that this little blog has now seen the bridal showers of all four of us! (You can read about mine here, Emily's here, and Ashley's here).  So, anyway...Bethany's shower...
 It was perfect.  We had it at her fiance's parents house, and their backyard was a wonderful place to have an outdoor party.  

Unfortunately, through a series of events she was accidentally told about the shower a week before it happened (drat!), so it wasn't the surprise we were all hoping it would be, but it was still a really fun shower!
 Her soon to be mother-in-law went way over the top with all the delicious food, and the guests seemed like they had a great time! Lots of chatting and laughing to be heard!
 After we ate and chatted, we played a few games, this one is where Bethany wore an apron full of kitchen utensils and then we had to see if we could write them all down from memory. 
Let's just say my memory sucks. 

Ashley also had the idea to send out a recipe card with all of the invitation that the guests brought back with a special recipe for the newlyweds.  It was really cool to see all the different recipes fill her box. I, of course, forgot mine on the kitchen table, so... Bethany? I owe you a recipe. Ahem.  Sorry.

Moving on - Last, she opened all the sweet gifts people brought for them, I know she and Tony are really looking forward to setting up their first place.  So many people tailored their gifts to what she and Tony like, and it was really cute to see her surprised reactions to some of them. 

 I knew that she really likes rustic looking things, so I did my best to give her some rustic romance for their new place! (Her new last name begins with a 'g').  I was so nervous to give it to her, but she really liked it!
I will eventually get a how-to up here of how I did this, by the way.
 Here is one last picture of all of the bridesmaids with the beautiful bride to be....

I don't think we realized that we were standing on a hill.  Eh, oh well! The wedding countdown is on!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slow Goodbyes

June has more or less blown past us at this point.  Matt finished up the school year on June 6th, and on June 14th he started his new job.  While it is an enormous blessing that he even has a job, it has been a hard transition for us.  We can't actually move into the new house yet, so Matt has been spending the weeks 2.5 hours away while the boys and I are still in our other house, trying to slowly pack up.  We got the keys this week, and we can move in in July, but remember - for two weeks in the middle of July Matt will be in Cuba, and I don't really want to be up there in a new place without Matt for two weeks (and is it just me, or are houses suddenly more creaky when the dude is gone?  Holy creeped out all the time! Thank goodness we have the dog!).

It has not been easy or fun for any of us.  But that is life, you know?  It

About a week ago, Matt and I made plans to go bowling with friends while my mom watched the boys.  Our friend Dave asked us if we could stop really quick on the way to help move from furniture, and when we walked in -- SURPRISE! It was a going away party for us!
I was shaking from the surprise, and completely blurred ALL the pictures I took. 
 We had NO idea.  I saw my sister when we walked in and I think our conversation went something like this...


Me: What is this??

Emily: It's a party!

Me: What for?

Emily: You!

Me: But....why?

Emily: ::shrug:: because we love you.

It was so incredibly sweet to see so many family and friends all gathered just to let us know that they will miss us, and oh man...I managed to save the ugly cry for the last few minute when only my family members were left.  I think what put me over the edge was opening a gift from my Nanna, who gave us blank cards, envelopes, and stamps with a note that said "Write often, I don't have a computer".

Breaks my heart.  

Sunday also marked another bittersweet moment.  For two years now, Matt has enjoyed playing bass periodically for our church worship team, and this Sunday was his last time playing.

While it was sad to know it was the last time (for now anyway), I know how much Matt has LOVED doing this, and we have made so many good friends through it, so it is easier for me to focus on what a blessing this has been.

I KNOW that good things are planned for us, and I know that God knows those plans even when my little human mind can't see them, but right now, it is just hard.

So umm...maybe...could you pray for us?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fizzy Rainbows

I've posted before about some of the things we do to keep Jack entertained and happy, so I thought I would make another post with a really cute activity that Matt came up with.  This particular activity was one thing that I was SURE he wouldn't be able to do just yet, but Matt really wanted to try it.  That Matt...he's such a smart Daddy. 

We sat Jack down at the craft table with a pan of baking soda, and gave him four cups of colored vinegar and an old medicine dropper.  

 Matt showed him what to do, and he absolutely LOVED it.  He sat there and carefully dropped vinegar into the baking soda to watch the colored fizz for the entire time that I made dinner (and took pictures).
Above is his pan of baking soda when he got started, and below is mid activity.
We really didn't need to help him with this (aside from supervision - those two year olds are sneaky!), and he mastered the dropper very easily.
It was a great little activity for him, one that we will definitely do again! If you have a two year old (or older!) you should give this a try next time you are stuck inside from rain and your kid is going bonkers.  Not that that ever happens around here.  Ahem.

Have you tried any new activities with your little one lately?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

Remember this little picture?

This is the kitchen on the house we will be moving into in July, and I think it has some real potential to be a beautiful space.

I don't know for sure that we will be able to paint the cabinets, I mean, the owner said "Bekah, you can do anything you want", but I think I will still ask her directly before I paint cabinets! That seems like a bigger commitment than a wall color, you know?

BUT - If I can paint them, my inspiration would be somewhere between the kitchen Layla did over at the Lettered Cottage....

....and this beautiful kitchen featured at Urban Grace Interiors.

The new kitchen is a small space, so I am really liking the idea of keeping it nice and bright, but I also really love the look of the darker lower cabinets. 

I know that the likelihood of us being able to paint the cabinets is slim, but hey, a girl can dream right?

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day

I'm posting early because weekends always get away from me! When Matt and I were first dating, he made me gave me a very sweet Christmas present, but the best part was that he had used newspaper and duct tape to wrap it.  It took me a good five minutes and a knife to open that bad boy.  This year for Father's Day, I returned the favor.
Good luck with that babe.  But at least there is a bow, right?
I'm pretty sure the bow keeps it classy. But ANYWAY...

Our boys are so blessed to call you Daddy.

Jack tells me daily that he is going to grow up like Daddy, and I can't think of a better person for him to look up to like that.

I know Luke is quite smitten with me right now, but I still see the way he whips his head around at the sound of your voice and leans to you when I come near you.

Our boys love you.  I love you.  Happy Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Hoot!

My sister, Mom and I hit up a fun church yard sale about two weeks ago, and I spotted this painting the minute I walked in! It's massive, probably around 4 feet tall, and it has a tag about the artist on the back from the 1960's, so it has legitimate funky factor (also it pairs well with our play kitchen! Ha). 
Want to know the best part?  This guy only set me back a whopping 50 cents!  He is now gracing a wall that has been empty for two years (the same wall where I took all of my belly photos with Luke).  I'm not a huge fan of the flesh colored frame, but I will probably change that when we move to the farmhouse and I see where this little guy will fit in. 

He makes me smile, and I really thing that there should be at least one thing in every room of your house that makes you laugh, even if that thing is a massive fifty cent owl painting! If it makes you happy, that is all that matters!

Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Handy Things for New Moms

Oh man - 11 days and no blogging?  Where the heck have I been? I have no idea, just doing life, you know?  Also, do you think I could write this whole post with questions?

I probably could, but I will spare you that.

ANNNNYWAY - the internet abounds with lists of "must-haves" for new moms, and while aside from a form of food and something for the baby to poop in, there really aren't that many things that you HAVE to have. I thought I would share a few items/links that made our lives easier in the first weeks.  Some of these we will use today.  I'm no expert, but two babies in two years have taught me a few things!

1. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer.  This isn't really for babies at all, but I love this under eye concealer, sometimes this is all I wear in the form of make-up. 
It feels very light on your skin, and yet it really does wonders when your baby has had you up ALL. STINKING. NIGHT.

2.  A good white noise machine.

We use HoMedics Sound Spa for both of the boys.  I like that you can set it to shut off if you want, or you can set it to continue all night.  We have tried music, but that never seemed to help our guys stay asleep, but the rain setting on this? Sweet Dreams kid! (Look - it's not magic or anything, but it does help!)

3.  A print out of this Acetaminophen Dosage Chart.  I like this particular chart because it tells you the dosage for the new medicine, the old medicine, and even goes up by weight until your child is 96+ pounds.

Jack and Luke are less than two years apart, but even in that time, the infant medication completely changed and now has new dosage instructions.  (I probably don't need to add this - but always check with Dr. that your child is okay to take medicines when they have a fever.  Once you get THAT clearance, then it's time to break out the chart).  We keep ours taped inside of the medicine cabinet.

4.  Prefolds! Even if you aren't cloth diapering (we don't), pick up a pack of these!

They are fantastic burp cloths, and then when your little one doesn't need them anymore, they are also a great dusting rag.  I have even popped mine onto our Swiffer to grab the dog hair tumbleweeds drifting through the kitchen. 

5.  This is definitely not a necessity, but for us, it was great to have.  An Angel Care monitor.   This is a movement (and sound) monitor that you place under the baby's mattress.  The monitor pad is sensitive enough to pick up their breathing, and should there be no movement for more than 20 seconds, it sounds an alarm letting you know to come check on baby.
Ours was gift from Matt's brother John, and his wife Liz.  They told us before hand to get one, because the peace of mind that it offers would be worth every penny that you spend on it, but of course, we didn't listen.  And then Jack was born, and my new mom anxiety was THROUGH THE FREAKIN' ROOF.  There was a span of a few weeks that I literally would not allow us both to be asleep at the same time.  It was bonkers.  One day, the UPS man dropped off a package at our house with an AngelCare monitor from John and Liz, and oh man.  I could finally sleep. 

(The monitor has lately been the subject of some controversy, apparently the AAP recommends against using them for the prevention of SIDS.  And I totally understand that.  The monitor has nothing to do with prevention, for me it is a matter of knowing that he is breathing in his bed and thereby alleviating some of my anxiety.  We still took all the recommended precautions [ face up to wake up, no bumpers, no blankets, etc.] with both of our boys.)

So there you have it, five handy things for a new mom!  What was/is your favorite baby item?  Anything you couldn't live without?

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