Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Handy Things for New Moms

Oh man - 11 days and no blogging?  Where the heck have I been? I have no idea, just doing life, you know?  Also, do you think I could write this whole post with questions?

I probably could, but I will spare you that.

ANNNNYWAY - the internet abounds with lists of "must-haves" for new moms, and while aside from a form of food and something for the baby to poop in, there really aren't that many things that you HAVE to have. I thought I would share a few items/links that made our lives easier in the first weeks.  Some of these we will use today.  I'm no expert, but two babies in two years have taught me a few things!

1. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer.  This isn't really for babies at all, but I love this under eye concealer, sometimes this is all I wear in the form of make-up. 
It feels very light on your skin, and yet it really does wonders when your baby has had you up ALL. STINKING. NIGHT.

2.  A good white noise machine.

We use HoMedics Sound Spa for both of the boys.  I like that you can set it to shut off if you want, or you can set it to continue all night.  We have tried music, but that never seemed to help our guys stay asleep, but the rain setting on this? Sweet Dreams kid! (Look - it's not magic or anything, but it does help!)

3.  A print out of this Acetaminophen Dosage Chart.  I like this particular chart because it tells you the dosage for the new medicine, the old medicine, and even goes up by weight until your child is 96+ pounds.

Jack and Luke are less than two years apart, but even in that time, the infant medication completely changed and now has new dosage instructions.  (I probably don't need to add this - but always check with Dr. that your child is okay to take medicines when they have a fever.  Once you get THAT clearance, then it's time to break out the chart).  We keep ours taped inside of the medicine cabinet.

4.  Prefolds! Even if you aren't cloth diapering (we don't), pick up a pack of these!

They are fantastic burp cloths, and then when your little one doesn't need them anymore, they are also a great dusting rag.  I have even popped mine onto our Swiffer to grab the dog hair tumbleweeds drifting through the kitchen. 

5.  This is definitely not a necessity, but for us, it was great to have.  An Angel Care monitor.   This is a movement (and sound) monitor that you place under the baby's mattress.  The monitor pad is sensitive enough to pick up their breathing, and should there be no movement for more than 20 seconds, it sounds an alarm letting you know to come check on baby.
Ours was gift from Matt's brother John, and his wife Liz.  They told us before hand to get one, because the peace of mind that it offers would be worth every penny that you spend on it, but of course, we didn't listen.  And then Jack was born, and my new mom anxiety was THROUGH THE FREAKIN' ROOF.  There was a span of a few weeks that I literally would not allow us both to be asleep at the same time.  It was bonkers.  One day, the UPS man dropped off a package at our house with an AngelCare monitor from John and Liz, and oh man.  I could finally sleep. 

(The monitor has lately been the subject of some controversy, apparently the AAP recommends against using them for the prevention of SIDS.  And I totally understand that.  The monitor has nothing to do with prevention, for me it is a matter of knowing that he is breathing in his bed and thereby alleviating some of my anxiety.  We still took all the recommended precautions [ face up to wake up, no bumpers, no blankets, etc.] with both of our boys.)

So there you have it, five handy things for a new mom!  What was/is your favorite baby item?  Anything you couldn't live without?

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