Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fizzy Rainbows

I've posted before about some of the things we do to keep Jack entertained and happy, so I thought I would make another post with a really cute activity that Matt came up with.  This particular activity was one thing that I was SURE he wouldn't be able to do just yet, but Matt really wanted to try it.  That Matt...he's such a smart Daddy. 

We sat Jack down at the craft table with a pan of baking soda, and gave him four cups of colored vinegar and an old medicine dropper.  

 Matt showed him what to do, and he absolutely LOVED it.  He sat there and carefully dropped vinegar into the baking soda to watch the colored fizz for the entire time that I made dinner (and took pictures).
Above is his pan of baking soda when he got started, and below is mid activity.
We really didn't need to help him with this (aside from supervision - those two year olds are sneaky!), and he mastered the dropper very easily.
It was a great little activity for him, one that we will definitely do again! If you have a two year old (or older!) you should give this a try next time you are stuck inside from rain and your kid is going bonkers.  Not that that ever happens around here.  Ahem.

Have you tried any new activities with your little one lately?


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