Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday Showers

Last weekend we celebrated the quickly approaching wedding of my youngest sister.  It's weird to think that this little blog has now seen the bridal showers of all four of us! (You can read about mine here, Emily's here, and Ashley's here).  So, anyway...Bethany's shower...
 It was perfect.  We had it at her fiance's parents house, and their backyard was a wonderful place to have an outdoor party.  

Unfortunately, through a series of events she was accidentally told about the shower a week before it happened (drat!), so it wasn't the surprise we were all hoping it would be, but it was still a really fun shower!
 Her soon to be mother-in-law went way over the top with all the delicious food, and the guests seemed like they had a great time! Lots of chatting and laughing to be heard!
 After we ate and chatted, we played a few games, this one is where Bethany wore an apron full of kitchen utensils and then we had to see if we could write them all down from memory. 
Let's just say my memory sucks. 

Ashley also had the idea to send out a recipe card with all of the invitation that the guests brought back with a special recipe for the newlyweds.  It was really cool to see all the different recipes fill her box. I, of course, forgot mine on the kitchen table, so... Bethany? I owe you a recipe. Ahem.  Sorry.

Moving on - Last, she opened all the sweet gifts people brought for them, I know she and Tony are really looking forward to setting up their first place.  So many people tailored their gifts to what she and Tony like, and it was really cute to see her surprised reactions to some of them. 

 I knew that she really likes rustic looking things, so I did my best to give her some rustic romance for their new place! (Her new last name begins with a 'g').  I was so nervous to give it to her, but she really liked it!
I will eventually get a how-to up here of how I did this, by the way.
 Here is one last picture of all of the bridesmaids with the beautiful bride to be....

I don't think we realized that we were standing on a hill.  Eh, oh well! The wedding countdown is on!


  1. HELLO!! happy to have found you thanks to bloggers coast to coast!:) new follower!:)

  2. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

  3. What a gorgeous shower! Congrats to your sister! I love the apron and utensil game! :)


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