Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slow Goodbyes

June has more or less blown past us at this point.  Matt finished up the school year on June 6th, and on June 14th he started his new job.  While it is an enormous blessing that he even has a job, it has been a hard transition for us.  We can't actually move into the new house yet, so Matt has been spending the weeks 2.5 hours away while the boys and I are still in our other house, trying to slowly pack up.  We got the keys this week, and we can move in in July, but remember - for two weeks in the middle of July Matt will be in Cuba, and I don't really want to be up there in a new place without Matt for two weeks (and is it just me, or are houses suddenly more creaky when the dude is gone?  Holy creeped out all the time! Thank goodness we have the dog!).

It has not been easy or fun for any of us.  But that is life, you know?  It just...is.

About a week ago, Matt and I made plans to go bowling with friends while my mom watched the boys.  Our friend Dave asked us if we could stop really quick on the way to help move from furniture, and when we walked in -- SURPRISE! It was a going away party for us!
I was shaking from the surprise, and completely blurred ALL the pictures I took. 
 We had NO idea.  I saw my sister when we walked in and I think our conversation went something like this...


Me: What is this??

Emily: It's a party!

Me: What for?

Emily: You!

Me: But....why?

Emily: ::shrug:: because we love you.

It was so incredibly sweet to see so many family and friends all gathered just to let us know that they will miss us, and oh man...I managed to save the ugly cry for the last few minute when only my family members were left.  I think what put me over the edge was opening a gift from my Nanna, who gave us blank cards, envelopes, and stamps with a note that said "Write often, I don't have a computer".

Breaks my heart.  

Sunday also marked another bittersweet moment.  For two years now, Matt has enjoyed playing bass periodically for our church worship team, and this Sunday was his last time playing.

While it was sad to know it was the last time (for now anyway), I know how much Matt has LOVED doing this, and we have made so many good friends through it, so it is easier for me to focus on what a blessing this has been.

I KNOW that good things are planned for us, and I know that God knows those plans even when my little human mind can't see them, but right now, it is just hard.

So umm...maybe...could you pray for us?


  1. Have been....will be. Got a little choked up on Sunday knowing it was Matt's last day for a while - but just a while, right? :) Love you all, VERY much.

  2. Prayers for sure. It's not easy and you clearly have loads of love and support! Every thing is okay in the end :)

  3. i keep hearing pastor steve's timely message that sunday. the providence of God. it hurts so much, but we know God is good. i love you!

    1. ME TOO! I really think that one might have been directed at me! Haha it was a very appropriate and timely message for us.

    2. Funny...I thought he was speaking to me, my precious, Rosebud!

  4. This post made me cry. I was in your shoes last year around this time. It sucks so bad saying goodbye and uprooting when all you want to do is stay. But, 8 months later, we LOVE our new life in California. We have made new friends, we found a church we love, and we really put a ton of effort into the relationships with those we left behind in TN. It's like, all of the people and love in our life multiplied when we moved. I know it's hard, but in a little while, you guys will be settled into your new life and things will be great. Big hugs, Bekah.

  5. I completely understand where you are at, and I will pray with all my might. The heartache that runs deep from leaving family and friends, I will pray without ceasing. I wish there was more to say, but all I got is, "It sucks". Hang in there, there are blessings hidden in this move, you just have to find them :)

    Take Care.

  6. Sending big ol' prayers from MN. That is def. tough. I'm sorry. It's all very bittersweet. I hope the next few weeks will be easy on your heart!


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