Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving progress

First off, this post is from my phone, so if the format is wonky I apologize. We still don't have Internet access at the house (hopefully Wednesday) so I can't really catch up on my blogging antics until then, and yes, I am going through withdrawal!

As far as the move is concerned, we are getting there! We did our big move last saturday, and thanks to so many family member and friends it went much smoother than I expected. There was one little mishap where we found Jack out in the living room, playing on his bouncy zebra and eating Beggin Strips....gag. I have no idea if he even ate a whole one, but his breath definitely smelled like fake bacon. You can just mail my mother of the year award to me. Oy.

But anyway, the move- we went back down to our old house just this weekend to grab a few boxes that didn't fit for the first move, to clean it, and turn in our keys. As we drove away Jack said goodbye to his park, his tower, and his train station. It was tough for me, bt he is very excited abou his new house, and I am trying hard to foster that excitement.
The downstairs of the new house is coming along, and it is starting to feel a little more like 'us' every day.  I will try to put a few pictures on here soon, soon as I figure out this whole phone blogging thing.  I have put a few pictures up on instagram, so if you would like to keep up with us that way my user name is countrymousetales. I will be back soon with pictures!

Later gator!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Luke vs. The Leaf

Hmmmm...I wonder what this is?  
 ...interesting texture...

....fresh taste...
...Dude.  Is this salad? 
Thanks Dad. can't blame a guy for trying.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I can't believe we FINALLY have picture of all four of us looking at the camera!
If you can't tell from our oh-so-snazzy coordinating outfits, this was the 4th of July.  Sure, my dad photobombed it, but you know what?  I don't care! I'm just happy to see everyone looking in one general direction!

Embracing the Camera over at the Anderson Crew today.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Jackie

Jack is - man - I don't know what he is right now.  I think it is partially because his routines are all messed up, and partially just his age, but he is really acting out.  He tends to direct his misbehavior towards me, to the point that he will straight up laugh in my face when he is in trouble (or he will stand at the door and scream for his Dad, which is sad, but also incredibly hard to handle).

I am just so frustrated, I want so much for this kid, you know?  And he has so many amazing qualities that I want to encourage, but as moms we are called to do more than just encourage their good side, we have to help them learn to curb their not so good side as well. 

I guess I feel like when I try to talk to him, to explain WHY his behavior is not okay, he completely tunes me out.  He is only two and a half, so if we are having a communication issue, I know that it is up to me to change the way we are communicating - 

No really. How?

Frustrated & Frumpy in PA

Monday, July 9, 2012

Farmhouse Tour

Well I promised these pictures would be up last sorry about that.  Better late than never though right?  I shared a few pictures that were emailed to us before, but when we were last at the house I took pictures of almost every room so we could have a proper 'before' tour.   The house is owned by a really nice woman who actually bought it because her kids went to the local university, so there are some odd college-kid decisions throughout the house - but hey! Rent is cheap!

Let's start downstairs shall we? The (now green!) front door opens into the dining room, which is now already sporting it's first coat of paint...the walls were ok, but they are just a little fleshy for my liking.  I'll show you that progress soon, I don't have any pictures yet!
Do you like our dining room table?  What can I say...we like to live in luxury.  Moving the right in the above picture is the entry into the kitchen, which you already saw here, but for a looks like this.
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - the ceiling is grey.  I already took down that little scalloped piece of wood above the sink, which took a few years off the look of the kitchen! it wasn't even attached to anything, just kind of wedged between the cabinets - so that was pretty easy.
 Here is the view from in front of the sink, looking into the dining room. The very dingy door that you can see above is the basement door, and you can barely see it but there is a cat door installed there - so we are going to have to think creatively to secure that.  I'm pretty sure one or both of the boys will go through it at some point if we don't block it off.  To the left of the dining room is the living room, which runs along the entire back half of the house. 
This room is nice and open, but I am already running into a mental roadblock when I try to figure out furniture arrangement.  From the far end of the living room, this is what you see...
The wooden doors are to the laundry closet, which I didn't take a picture of, but its pretty utilitarian - washer, dryer, shelf.  It will do the job just fine! The white door is to the downstairs half bath.  Which looks like this...
The wall color in here would have been fine, but for whatever reason someone tried to touch up paint with a different color.  Oy.  It will get there - I just keep telling myself that, it will get there. 

Moving upstairs...this is where it gets very, um...farmhouse-ish.  It doesn't come across in the pictures, but the ceilings up here are right around 6 and a half when you are watching your 6 foot 2 inch husband walk around, the upstairs looks pretty tiny.   The truth is though, that once we are all awake and into our day, we don't spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it isn't a huge problem. is our room, which is a lovely shade of evergreen.
Yeah...we primed over that already.  The door to the left in the above picture is a large closet, which is awesome because I don't think our dresser will fit in our room once the bed is in! Again...not a huge problem - just different.

Shortly after we got to the house, we let Jack pick his room out of the other two bedrooms.  They are practically identical, but it was cute to see him run back and forth before finally settling on this one...
Can we ignore how terrible this picture is?  Yowch! This room was a charcoal grey color, with brown I lovingly think of it as "the cave".  Jack was VERY excited to get to paint his own room.
 Right now it is just primer, but we do have the paint for his room on hand, so we are hoping to slap that up pretty soon.  Straight across from Jack's room is Luke's room.  This is the only upstairs room (aside from the bathroom) that wasn't a weird color.
It will still need to be repainted (check out the 'edging' around the baseboard heaters...), but at least it doesn't feel like the walls are closing in on you in here.  There are two other spaces upstairs, the soon to be playroom (which I didn't take a picture of), and the bathroom...
Can I just take a minute to apologize for not putting the toilet seat down?  Ick? I took these pictures just minutes after we walked in, so rest assured...I will scrub the life out of the bathroom before we live in it! Also...the only door that is wooden in the upstairs - again - weird.  I actually like the color in the bathroom (but not the bookshelf?) so aside from cleaning this room to within an inch of it's life, it doesn't need a whole lot!

So there you have it! I am looking forward to putting our mark on the little place, and making it a little less...weird.

Phew! I think this might be the longest post I have ever written. If you made it to the end..I commend you!

Friday, July 6, 2012


There was a sad truth I had been avoiding for a while that was staring me in the face every time I took a picture of my little camera was dying. 
But, but...I love my camera! I've had it for almost five years, and it has served me well! That little warrior has held up so well while I fumbled through learning some basic photography skills  (I mean...come on...I took four years to make the jump to manual photography, so I think 'fumbled' is a very appropriate word).

The poor guy has been knocked off of strollers, pulled off of tables by grubby hands...heck I even knocked it off the edge of the birthing tub while I was in labor with Luke, and has still helped me learn to capture moments like this... it has a definite soft spot in my camera lovin' heart. Sadly it was starting to have some major issues, know...not turning on.  It's hard to take pictures when your camera won't turn on - just sayin'.

Rewind to about a week ago, and I was giving the boys a bath while we waited for Matt to get home (he was making the long drive home from his new job).  He came in to the bathroom and handed me a box containing 'my new cell phone' (oh yeah...I broke my phone, long story). 

My remark was 'oh thanks, wow this is heavy for a phone'. - I'm sure you can all see where this is going...

He told me to open it up and check it out, and he would finish up the bath.  I opened the 'cell phone' box and pulled out like...a million Canon manuals, but kind of didn't really comprehend what I was seeing until I pulled up a brand spankin' new Canon 60D body


To say  I was surprised was an understatement! I am still surprised every time I pull that bad boy out of my camera bag! I'd say the boy sure outdid himself with this anniversary present (4 yrs. yesterday...woot woot).  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Change at the Farmhouse

*First off - My blogging pal Aly is cleaning out her closet of some designer duds, so you should hop on over to her sale page if you are in the market for some seriously nice stuff, from designer jeans to Coach bags.  Reminds me of looting my big sisters closet back in high school!
We spent the last two days getting some things in order at the farmhouse, and boy-oh-boy is there ever a lot to do.  It was kind of overwhelming to realize that we have a LOT of work to do before it is where we would like to call home.  But it is doable, and it will be a nice memory making place (I hope).  I took pictures to do a proper tour later this week, but for now I wanted to show you our very first change. 

I felt like a good place to start is the very first thing you see.  The front door.  Here is what it looked like...'s not bad, but in person you can see that whoever painted it the first time did a REALLY sloppy job, so the door didn't make a great first impression.  I was originally going to just paint a new coat of black onto it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was important to me that our door kind of welcome us home every time we see it.  I toyed with the idea of being a little outrageous and painting it orange, but Matt vetoed that REAL quick.  He said it would be too Halloween-y.  He was right, so I toned it down a bit.
I went with green because it felt fresh and welcoming, plus it (to me) says 'don't take us too seriously, because we don't!"  It took a coat of primer, and two coats of paint, but I love the look of the front door.
See the previous painters black paint dribbled all over the threshold and the handle? Sloppy I tell ya!
Next up - power washing that siding.  Yowch.
I love the little bit of personality it brings to an otherwise gray and black house!

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