Monday, August 20, 2012

Autumn on the Mind

Last week I went thrifting with my little guys, and I ended up bringing home a really cute new fall wreath.  I hung it on the door just to see how it looked...and yeah, I haven't removed it yet.  Couple that with the fact that the temperatures here are maxing out around 75 every day, and suffice it to say...I have autumn on the mind.  

 Here are a few fall pictures from Pinterest that have had me itching to snatch up every pumpkin and Mum I can get my grubby little hands on...

Source: via Alison on Pinterest


Oh man, white pumpkins?  They would look CUTE on my porch...

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

I will wait until September 1st, I will wait until September 1st, I will...

Well...I will try.  Are you itching to break out the russets and oranges, or are you still savoring the summer?


  1. Today's weather is making it hard for me to not do this too! That and my mom made applesauce already because the trees are ripening early this year!!!

  2. I'm so excited for the fall weather - love all of the inspiration images.

  3. So many bloggers are posting about fall! I wasn't that excited to begin with but I'm definitely getting there now!

  4. Can i just tell you that i literally had to talk my self off the wall this morning from decorating for fall..... just one of those days we are desperately looking for something to do and redecorating for fall sounded oh so good. I will admit that i gave in to baking some pumpkin muffins yesterday :-)

  5. I'm ALWAYS that way this time of year! I try to make it to after Labor day though.

  6. I am DYING to break out my fall (Nd Halloween) decor! Just a few more days....


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