Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back To Blogland

Aside from that one post from my phone that took me about an hour to tap out, I think this is the longest stretch of time that I have gone without blogging, and for some odd reason I have no idea what to write.  Is that not lame? I KNOW!  I had thought I would share a progress tour on our house, but um...I forgot know...take progress pictures.  So anyway, let's talk about the one thing that I do have some pictures for - choosing the right paint finish. 

For whatever reason, in both our last house and this house, the previous painters have used flat paint on ALL their surfaces.  I just don't understand that decision.  Yes, it is a wee bit cheaper.  Yes, it hides flaws (at first) but...have you ever tried to clean flat paint?  Can't be done. 

Want to see proof?  I've got it! This is the door to the downstairs bathroom here at the farmhouse.  This is right after we moved in....

....yeah.  I mean...that is gross, no?  So anyway, my opinion (and I'm no pro, but I do have two little boys who excel at smearing things on walls) is that for trim and doors, always, always, always go with semi-gloss.  Here is the same door after a nice fresh coat of white semi-gloss... you don't need a tetanus shot before you use the bathroom! YAY! 

And for the record, that was the INSIDE of the door.  Someone wasn't washing properly....


  1. This last time, we painted our WHOLE house semi-gloss, and I'm really happy we did. Justin comes home FLITHY every day, and it's not too long before I'm wiping down corners, walls, etc. Coupled with Lizzy? It was such a good move for us...and really I don't think it's that much more shiny than satin.

    Welcome back to blog land!


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