Monday, August 13, 2012

Bethany & Tony Tie the Knot

Well...Saturday was the big day! They could not have had more perfect weather for an outdoor wedding in August, with a high of 81, and not a drop of rain!
 I am going to let the pictures I took do most of the talking, if you have any questions about a picture let me know!  I was a bridesmaid, so I didn't get to take as many as I would have liked, but I am looking forward to seeing the pictures that Trinity took! I know they will be amazing.
 Rehearsal went smoothly, with my mom and cousin so kindly wrangling all the children so we could focus on our jobs for the big day.
 And now...Wedding day!

 She made all of our bouquets from fabric rosettes and pieces of our Grandmother's costume jewelry.

It was sweet and beautiful and everything a wedding should be.  I am so excited for them to start down their walk as a married couple, and man am I ever jealous that they are currently soaking up the sun in Jamaica!!


  1. Those bouquets are gorgeous! They belong on Style Me Pretty.

    Your pictures came out beautifully. You should take up wedding photography ;)

    1. haha thanks! And I agree, she did such a great job on them! I wish I had gotten more detail shots of all the beautiful things she did for the wedding! Mason jars galore!


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