Monday, August 27, 2012

Let There Be Light!

When I put up pictures of our dining room, I sort of off-handedly mentioned that we would like to replace the light in there at some point in the future.
You can just barely see the light up there above the table.
We really didn't have any immediate plans of doing so until I stumbled across a chandelier that we both loved on mega clearance at Lowes (plus I had a 10% off coupon).  P.S. - It's still on clearance!

Unfortunately there were none of those lights in stock at our local Lowes.  Bummer.  We didn't really want to spend too much, but we did want to find something that we both liked, so we figured we would just keep looking until we found one that met our requirements, and if we didn't find one while we lived here at the farmhouse, no big deal.

Later that week I was looking at the light again (because that's what I do...daydream decorate when my boys nap) and I figured I would check one more time if there were any in stock locally.  Nope.  BUT THEN.  Then I changed to the store near my mom and wouldn't you know there were two in stock?!  I placed the order immediately, and we picked it up last weekend when we were down to visit.  We got home and the fun started.  Here is our old little boob light (that honestly didn't light up the space very well).
Adios sucker! I have no installation pictures, because it involved me crouching on the table holding up the chandelier while Matt did the wiring.  It was pretty fabulous though.

The end product was well worth the shoulder burn I got while holding this bad boy up!
We kind of like it.  Like a lot.
I like the way the brushed nickel kind of mirrors the bowl'o'lemons that I have as our summery centerpiece (that's right! I managed not to bust out our fall stuff yet!), and it really lights up that room so well! There is a large pine tree in front of the house, which I love, but it does keep it relatively dark and shady over there, so as the winter months come I am going to like having a nice bright room!
Oh also, I recently moved that little white piece into this room, it is where we keep our construction paper and our markers for the boys crafts. 

Over all, I really love the difference our $42 dollar chandelier makes in this room!

So now...the big question, do I paint those four wooden chairs white?  Bright white?  Antique white (like the little white cabinet)? Distressed?  SO MANY OPTIONS!


  1. It's perfect! I love this room!

  2. I saw that at Lowes tonight! It's such a pretty fixture!

  3. Looks beautiful! I would paint them antique white... I love that color. My dining chairs are pale green and I get so many complements on them and surprise, they don't look dirty or dingy at all :)

  4. It's gorgeous!! I love the way it contrasts with your table! Thanks for stopping by Homeslice-

  5. You are making me feel like a slacker! You have two young kids and you're getting all this remodel stuff done! You have an amazing eye on what colors will go together too. I think your chairs would look great in white. You could almost get by with a bright cheery color like yellow on them too. But I like yellow!


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