Friday, August 17, 2012

Outdoor Progress

When we first saw the house, it looked like this...
It has a nice sized porch, but it is pretty barren on it's own.  We painted the door, and then Jack helped plant a little garden out front. 

Since then, we have made a few more changes.  Our first house number was 1330, and we had bought house numbers that we never used.   THIS house is number 10, so I dug out those old numbers and slapped them on the front door.
Somehow this makes it feel cottagy to me, and it also helps people find our house (our first day here, someone tried to deliver Chinese food to our house by mistake, because none of the houses here have house numbers).

We have also hung two hanging plants on one side of the porch, and we have put Bruce the Blue Spruce next to our little red bench as well.  Another switch we made was to hang a few stars outside to balance the one window.  Our first house had one lonely window out front just like this one, so this is more or less the exact same arrangement we had there as well!  So how about a picture of how it is looking now?!
I should mention that we did this on the cheap too.  The plants are all from out first house except the two red mums, which were $2.50 a pop.  The paint for the front door was about $10, and the hanging plants were on clearance and around $8 total.  So for around $25 I think we have made a pretty good impact!

Here is a closer picture of the little garden out front.  This thing was a labor of love, not because it was that hard to actually plant, but because Matt and I had to first take out a nest of yellow jackets living under the porch.  Ugh.  Not fun, there was a lot of shrieking involved on my part, and THEN those sneaky yellow jackets tried to make a nest in on of my side mirrors on my car.  The horror! AGH! But anyway...the flower bed...
The flags everywhere are Jack's contribution.  I got him little flags for the 4th of July, and he loved sticking them in the ground anywhere he can.  The rocks in the front are actually from our wedding, they are rocks from the little rocky beach where Matt proposed.  Awwwww.  Also, I ran out of rocks about a foot too soon.  Eh, whatever.  I still like it!
So there you have it! Our outdoor progress.  It's certainly a lot nicer to pull into the driveway and see a home that looks like people live in it, versus an abandoned looking house! Our to-do list out here has shrunk rapidly, although we would still like to powerwash the siding.  Maybe this weekend!


  1. Lovely progress, I adore the shots of red. It looks so homey and cute, must be the nicest house on the block.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. It looks great! I love the green door! What color did you use?

  3. It looks awesome! So much more welcoming :)

  4. So much better! It looks great - especially that front door.

  5. Nice! Really improved the look. Beautiful front door.


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