Thursday, August 2, 2012

Splish Splash

We spent last weekend back at the old house cleaning it out, which went really smoothly and only took part of Saturday.  This freed up the rest of the day and all of Sunday, and since we were staying at my mom's house, the boys really had a blast.  My nephew Emerson stayed to play on Saturday, and he and Jack had so much fun together.  On Saturday my mom set up a little swim pool (the same one from this post actually!), the all three of the boys loved it!
Luke only 'swam' for about 10 minutes before he needed to dry off and go in for a nap,  so the big boys kicked it up a notch with a slide!
I love how pensive Emerson looks in that pictures, like he is contemplating how he will go down the slide. Jack on the other hand?  He just GOES.
 And he didn't even lose his grip on those fish! After they had worked up an appetite with all their pool antics, my mom broke out the big guns.  Ice Cream Cones. In. The. Pool.
It was hilarious.  For whatever reason, Jack kept dipping his cone in the pool, so within just a few minutes the water was completely murky with pieces of cone floating in it.  Needless to say, after the ice cream, the boys got out of the pool.

Yay for little boys making the most of these hot summer days!!

(Do I even need to mention the matching shorts?  Courtesy of Meme?  I know, so cute!)


  1. So cute! I love that picture of Emerson contemplating the slide, haha. So funny!

  2. Oh my nervous little boy!! Great pics!

  3. Its so awesome for cousins to be the same age!! Our boy and our nephew are a month apart, and its so fun for Q!

  4. simply adorable!!! Loved this post...

  5. All I could think was "look at those cute white bellies!" :) Glad they had a blast together!


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