Monday, September 3, 2012

Board and Batten Accent Wall

In my last post I hinted that we would be (hopefully) adding some pizzazz to this somewhat ho-hum part of our living room.  This is the wall in question.
While I love the color we chose to paint the room, this part was sort of overwhelmingly gray to me.   We thought about maybe doing a gallery wall, like we did in our last place, but we thought that with the tv over there as well, it might just be a little too much, you know?

And then, one day, it hit me.  Board and batten.  Do it.

So we did.
There are a ton of tutorials about easy ways to install this in your house.  I read a few, and then just decided to kind of wing it.  We used a 1x4 for the top rail, and the horizontal battens are actually lattice stripping.

It was very easy to work with, and it gave it a little lighter look (to me).  Our walls are not textured, so we did not worry about using any sort of backing, we just painted the wall itself, so it isn't true wainscoting. 

We installed the boards and caulked around the seams one night after the boys went to bed...
...and then the next night we primed and painted. 
Oh, and you may have noticed we also rearranged our living room furniture.  It's kind of that whole "if you give a mouse a cookie..." thing.

We like the new layout a lot, it's cozy, although to me it really emphasizes that the big mirror is off-center.  That sucker is heavy though, so we had no choice but to hang it on a stud. 
I love the way it kind of pops out in the room, and the green entertainment center has a chance to strut it's stuff now as well! We have some more changes we would like to make eventually (we need some bookshelves up in here!), but we both feel like this really freshened up the room. 

I love a good (long) weekend project! If you have any questions about how we did it, feel free to let 'em rip in the comments!

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  1. I used toggle bolts to hang my TV wall mount. I was really nervous about wall-mounting my TV because I did NOT want it falling down. Toggle bolts can support at least 200lbs in dry wall so they might work for your mirror if the off-centeredness bothers you enough (though it's not really noticeable).

    The room, of course, looks fantastic. I used to be an HGTV junkie (and still would be if I still had that channel in my cable lineup). It always made home improvement projects look so easy. And then you go and wing it, and it turns out so nice. :)

    1. Good advice! I never really looked in to other options, I'll have to check those out! Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love that it breaks up all that grey and reflects the light from the windows!

  3. Seriously!? How do you do it!! I love it.

  4. Haha thank you! I kid you not, yesterday I was making my bed and looking around my bedroom thinking...I wish my room looked like Megans blue bedroom...

  5. Wow Bekah! I love it!! It looks soo good :) It instantly put a smile on my face seeing the before and after. Great job, and thank so much for sending me the link. I SO love looking at other peoples projects and transformations. Plus it made me realize I wasn't already following you. Happy to be following along now :) ~Bre


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