Monday, September 10, 2012

Sideboard Adventures

Yes, this is about the dining room again. I know, just finish a room already! But this is real life, and in real life we don't finish a house in a weekend, we just don't! So yes, back to the dining room again.  When we hung our chandelier, we scootched the table over a bit so that it was centered under the light, but oddly enough that moved it pretty far off the center of the room.  There is still plenty of space around the table, but it just felt...odd. 
 I purposefully cropped this picture in a little on that side when I originally posted it, but you can still see how, in comparison on the rest to the room, it's kind of empty.  I am not really one for furniture and knick knacks jammed in every corner of every room, but really, there was at least six feet of nothing and then a wall with nothing on it. was empty. 

My sister has this really fabulous dry sink, and I originally thought I would find an old one on Craigslist to refinish, but what do you know?! Those bad boys are pricey.  I'm talking about 500 smackers or so, which is WAY out of our budget right now. 

We hunted around a little, and finally decided to invest in a nice piece of furniture that would last for us (no particle board), but that wasn't crazy expensive.  I guess we could have saved a little bit of money if we had bought an older one and refinished or repainted, but sometimes it is worth it (to us) to spend the extra money and get a piece that will last.  We found a really great sideboard on (although I later saw it on Joss and Main as well!).

Within a week or so, we were excited to see this on our porch after naptime.  This is the picture I posted to instagram, hence the blur.
There really wasn't much to do in the way of set-up, so in no time we had our new sideboard happily installed in his new home. 
It's just the right height that the boys can't reach the things on top, and those little drawers are PERFECT for Play-doh storage. I'm pretty sure that it what they are there for, yes?
please ignore the little shadow box on the wall, he was there before the sideboard, but he has now found a new home
We mainly use it to store things like the aforementioned Play-doh, also all of our bibs and placemats have found a nice home in that little guy.
I think that my favorite view of this little guy is actually from the living room, because before all you could see was a big blue wall.

It really makes the room feel more balanced, and once I paint those chairs we think this room is just about complete! Which makes for a grand total of ONE room that is (almost) done.  Ah well, home wasn't built in a day. 


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