Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Half-Bath...

...from Hell. 

Okay, maybe that is a little bit on the dramatic side, but this little room is driving me bonkers. 

**This is NOT a how-to, in fact, this is more of a how-NOT-to remove a toilet seat**

We have been slowly going through the rooms one by one, and this one just kept getting put off.   At first the toilet wouldn't even flush, so we didn't use this bathroom for a long time.  Eventually, Matt took matters into his own hands and snaked the drain until he found the source of the problem.  A toothbrush that someone flushed at one point.  You know...cause that's totally normal. 

 It started off like this...
...and more or less stayed that way up until two weeks ago.  When we primed our board and batten, Matt also primed the bathroom. 

On Sunday night Matt really wanted to watch the football game, which was fine with me, but I am just not a football girl so I decided to start working in the bathroom.  I painted the walls a creamy white color, just to open the space up a bit, and I also learned the hard lesson that there really is such a thing as cheap paint. 
 (These pictures are all from my phone, something is wonky with my memory card at the moment. Sorry for the poor quality).

We bought Colorplace for this (and the upstairs hallway) because we thought that it would stretch our dollar the furthest.  Nope.  I used one full gallon on a half bath and there are still spots that aren't completely covered.  AND we primed it. 

You live you learn. 

Next up on the half bath checklist was taking care of the toilet seat.  We bought new toilet seats for both of the bathrooms when we moved in, but I had been having trouble getting the old one off down here, and I was too stubborn to ask for help.  On Sunday I finally gave in, and Matt had to lend a hand.  It still took BOTH of us about 45 minutes to get the old one off. 

It. was. disgusting.  The old metal screws were so corroded that they just would not turn at all.  We finally got one side unscrewed by me holding the plastic bolt on the bottom with pliers while Matt forced the screw up top. 

The other side was a different story.  It wasn't budging.  I wiggled the seat up and down until the old urine-rusted hinge finally snapped, and then Matt MacGyvered the old plastic bolt off of the bottom. 

How you ask? know...he melted it.
It was something...I tell ya!  Do you even want me to talk about how bad that smelled?  No? Okay, I won't.  Anyway...once the old one was off, and the ceramic had cooled enough for me to touch it, it only took about two minutes to put the new seat on.

Yay for new potty seats!

So anyway...that is our progress so far.  Nothing too dramatic yet, but it is much brighter and cleaner!  This room is right off the main living space, as you can see, and when people visit it was always a little mortifying to let them use it...but it's getting there!
And just as a little aside, even though we are renting, I am more than happy to sink $12 dollars into a new toilet seat, even though it isn't something we will be taking with us when we move.  That old one was...just...ugh.

Just out of curiousity - would you do minor upgrades like this to a rental? 


  1. Travis has been wanting to buy a new toilet seat since we moved in, but we never got around to it. Maybe I'll have to remind him. ;)

    BTW... I'm still super jealous that you get to do basically anything you want with your rental. :P

    1. They are cheaper than I though! The upstairs one was six bucks at Ross!

  2. We rent, and have poured hundreds of dollars into this house that we'll never see returned, for a few reasons:
    1- Our landlord sucks.
    2- Things like this (nasty toilet seats, etc) are a big deal to me, and I'd rather spend the money than live in a house I despise and think is gross.

    Our house needs SO much work that will most likely never happen because our landlord is worthless, but I figure if we can do some small stuff to make it better while we live here, we will.

    I think it's part of taking care of what God has given us, you know?

    1. I totally agree with you, I'm not going to go replacing their roof or anything, but I do feel that it is partially our responsibility to take care of our home, whether we own it or not. I want the boys to learn to try to leave every place a little better than they found it, be that picking up litter at the park, or replacing crappy toilet seats!

  3. I wanted to replace the wood toilet seat at my first house but the bolts were rusted on. So I got them a LITTLE bit loose and then used a hack saw to try to saw off the bolts. Doing this on a Sunday night proved to be a CRITICAL error because the jiggling from the saw broke the mail seal ring thingy and the toilet started flooding the bathroom! We had to turn off the water supply and couldn't use our only toilet until Monday when the hardware stores opened and we could get a new wax ring. My husband was so ticked that I couldn't just live with a wood toilet seat!

    1. Haha oh my gosh! Thats a disaster! I didnt even think about whether or not it could grow into a bigger problem!

  4. It's SO nice that you can do so much with your rental! We have really awesome landlords, but when there are little "extras" (not required) we sometimes go ahead and do them. We put in roman shade in the bathroom so people couldn't see our silhouette at night when we were going potty... we've invested in grout cleaning stuff... just minor changes. Thankfully we haven't had anything that's been in bad condition that needed replacing. There are little things like painting the staircase and front door that I would love to have done, but I don't want to invest my money into them. Trying to save up for purchasing a house :) Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you.

  5. So lucky that you get free reign in a rental! A new toilet seat makes a lot of difference in such a small space :)

  6. to avoid splinters in my tush, i would so pay $12 :)


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