Monday, October 8, 2012

Luke's Fiesta

We had Luke's party on Saturday, and just like Jack's first birthday, the temperature made an unseasonal plummet on the big day.  The party was a great time anyway, and Luke really enjoyed being the star of the show. 
We had a walking taco bar, because we figured it would be easier for everyone.  I don't know about you, but I can never manage to eat a taco without making  a huge mess, so this was more of a taco salad in a bag!
  We also had fun Goya sodas for people to try out, along with lemonade, juice boxes, and of course - coffee - a must for an October party in PA. 
 Our centerpieces were pretty free-form, I am not sure who actually came up with this idea, but I loved it.
 I also supplied our partiers with sombreros and mustaches.  Because it's not a party until people are laughing at each other. 
 These are the same type of mustaches that we used at Jack's pirate party last year, and for anyone interested, they come in a pack of six at the Dollar Tree!
 The birthday boy sported a lovely blue poncho that I whipped up the night before from some fun zig-zag fabric that my mom helped me pick out. 

 After we had all stuffed ourselves silly with the tacos, it was time for the pinata! We had all of the kids have a turn (if they wanted) and then my oldest nephew did the dirty work of actually getting the thing open.
 After that?  CANDY SCRAMBLE!!
 The rest of the party was relatively laid-back, Luke opened his gifts...okay, I opened his gifts and he played with tissue paper. 
 After that?  It was time for cake!  Because I made those cactus cupcakes, I decided not to make a separate smash cake, so Luke got a cupcake with his candle on it.  It was so windy that the candle wouldn't stay lit, but he certainly didn't care!

He needed a little help from Daddy to understand that this was something he could eat.  But once that sugar hit his lips...
 ...he was lovin' it!
 It didn't take him long to polish off the whole thing!
After cupcakes we took the party over to the playground,where Matt and his brothers turned into dragons and the kids had SO much fun running and shrieking!
It was a great day to celebrate the birth of this sweet little one, the perfect addition to our family. 
AND NOW - for my two favorite pictures of the day.  One you have already seen, and the other should give you a hint of what a goof my husband is.  
And with that - ADIOS! Thanks for cyber-attending Luke's fiesta!


  1. Love this birthday party...looks so laid back and just FUN.

  2. it was such a great party! i loved being with you all in such a beautiful place celebrating that beautiful boy! OLE!!

  3. so cute!! looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. Love the theme! Turned out super cute and looks like everyone had fun ;]

  5. Looks like a great party! I love the walking tacos idea and the sombreros and mustaches! :)

  6. So crazy that Luke's one already! What a great birthday party! Isn't it crazy how quickly little ones catch on to the deliciousness that is sugar?! Your cupcakes turned out great.

    1. Thanks! I was worried that they just looked like small shrubs, but the little pots really helped!

  7. Ok, first of all...HOW IS HE ONE ALREADY? Jeez time, slow down!

    Second of all, how adorable is your family? Just toooo cute.

    Third of all, can you come throw all my parties from now on? Because that looks fun!

  8. I love all the pics, but those last two are definitely awesome! Frame-worthy! What a cute idea for a party. I may steal it. ;-) I love parties with a theme. And those cactus cupcakes are adorable.

    1. Go for it! It was a fun one, and really easy to pull off! Grab stuff in pretty much any bright color and you are set!! Thank you!

  9. Love the concept of the party - so different & fun!


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