Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Things You Do

Whoa, I feel like I blinked and now October is nearly over, and I don't want to let it go by without our monthly update on the little dudes. It's funny, statistically speaking, this is one of my least popular posts, but it is hands-down my favorite one to write.  I guess it all comes down to the reason that I blog - and it is really and truly to have a record of our lives.  Of their lives. 

 Jack: I think we are going to sign you up for gymnastics.  I taught you to do a forward roll and you mastered that in no time at all, but to my horror you have kicked it up a notch.  You can now do this crazy thing that can only be described as a front handspring - but you land flat on your back.  Do you know how terrifying that is for a mother?  So yes, I think gymnastics could be good - you still get to do insane flips, but you will learn control and safety.  I will just start stockpiling anxiety medication now.

Luke: You are walking my man! Sometimes you are running.  You started to walk the week of your birthday, and then the week after that you just took off like you had been doing it your entire life.  It still surprises me to see you walk past - usually you are holding your favorite red shoe.

Jack:  You are SO excited for your birthday party (4 days away now).  You really get it this year, you know that people will be coming here, that there will be cake and balloons.  I know that even if the day is rainy you will have a wonderful time, so I am so excited too!

Luke: You are talking up a storm.  Well...in one year old terms anyway.  You newest vocabulary additions are 'hot' 'blub-blub'(fish), and 'downstairs'- you point to the stairs when I get you out of bed.  It is precious.  I didn't believe it the first few times, but it is definitely a new word!

Jack: You recently learned about germs, and how they can be different places and that is why we wash our hands.  While we were at Mimi's house you opened the garbage can and peered inside, then asked "Mommy! Are there germs in here?!" It was cute to see you on a germ hunt - although I think maybe you misunderstood the germ thing in general? 

Luke: You still aren't sleeping well! You little punk! I don't know how a person can be as sweet as you are without some solid sleep.  Bonkers my boy.  Bonkers!
Jack: We went to a Covered Bridge Festival with Grandma, and she bought you some corn to feed an Alpaca.  A lady from the paper snapped your picture as you did so, and the next day - there you were! A big ol' picture in the newspaper.  You better believe I saved a copy of it for your memory box!

Boys: It has been a pretty wild month, but you two are troopers.  There a lot of things that you don't know or understand, and it always reassures me to see your sweet personalities in the midst of other 'grown-up' troubles.  Daddy and I are both so incredibly proud of you two, and we are so grateful to have this wonderful little family (even if you two still refuse to take a family picture!!).


  1. Bekah,

    This is the first time I've visited your blog and I have to tell you that' it's the sweetest thing! Your boys are precious!

    And as for your photo shoot, it doesn't give me much hope. Just yesterday I got it in my head to take our own Christmas card photo with our two 90-lb puppies...and the cat. Maybe I should rethink at least the cat part :)

    1. Thanks Jess!

      Well, now that I have had a few days to look back on the pictures, I do kind of like them! They arent perfect (ha! by a long shot!) but I like that we at least tried!

      If you have a remote for your camera you will probably have better luck than me! I really think that the dogs issue was me running back and forth! Poor fella just wanted to play!

      Good Luck! I follow your blog in my reader, so I will be looking forward to seeing them if you do try!!

  2. These pictures are absolutely adorable! I love them all!


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