Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's all this Hullabalu?

A few weeks ago a sweet representative from Hullabalu contacted me about sending out a product for the boys to enjoy.  Generally, I say no to reviews, but this time?  I couldn't resist.  Have you seen these stuffed animals?  Oh the cuteness.  Jack has been talking about 'hinge-hogs' lately, and wouldn't you just know they have the sweetest little hedge hog named Victor!

Last week we ran some errands and when we returned Jack was pretty excited to see a bright blue box on our porch. 
 (Sorry about the smily face, the dog know).
 He kept saying "what is it?!"

 A HINGE HOG!!! Needless to say, he was pretty darn excited to not only get his very own package in the mail, but for it to contain one of his current favorite animals.  He and Victor became immediate buds...
And Victor sure makes a great pillow!

Hullabalu is launching next year, but for now you can check out their line at this link.  They have some very precious little buddies there. 

Thank you, Hullabalu (and Chelsea!), for making my big guys day! Victor has already gone all over town with us!


  1. I love that he sleeps on it! He's definitely a cute little "hinge" hog.

  2. Funny! I just got one in the mail to review last week too. :) We got Samson, the Lion!

  3. Oh crap....I'm just realuzing that I totally spaced on getting back to Chelsea with our choice! Darn pregnancy brain!

    Love the hedgehog--looks like he is great quality!

    1. Pregnancy brains is the worst! I had so many random post-its floating around to remind me of things!

  4. Awww, how cute! Love "hinge hog". LOL


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