Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When Jack was a little guy, maybe 1 and a half, my mom and step-dad bought came back from vacation with these awesome wooden crayons.  They are great because they are big enough that little hands can easily work them, but they look cool so it's fun to have them out all the time.

Over the last week or so, I have noticed that our big crayons seem to be dwindling, and I couldn't find them anywhere.  The obvious place to look was under the sofa, but no, not there. 

This morning as I was making the boys oatmeal, I heard a funny clinking sound, accompanied by a bit of maniacal baby laughter.  I came out to observe, and grabbed my camera once I realized what had been going on...
Uh huh.  Hey Luke?  Whatcha doin'?
Look at that face.  He knows he is a booger.
So.  THAT is where all of our big crayons have gone huh?
Yeeaaaaaaah...anyone know how to get big crayons out of a big crock?  Turning it upside down and shaking didn't do the trick.

*And yes, I do realize I should have stopped him instead of documenting it, but sometimes it's fun to have proof of things that happen when Daddy is at work, you know?

UPDATE: Upon continued shaking I have managed to get two crayons, two small dinosaurs, a marker lid, and a snickers wrapper.  Apparently this hoarding has been going on for some time.


  1. Omg Bekah this is too hilarious.

    ~Liz Willman

    1. Haha thanks Liz! He is a stinker to be sure!

  2. Better a crock than the subwoofer that my son decided to use...because once in the subwoofer, only a razor to the cloth in the front will dislodge the balls, cars and soothies that went in :)

  3. Hahaha! This made me laugh so much. So funny! I don't care what my guy is doing, I ALWAYS document first!!

  4. haha! that's so funny and terrible at the same time :P Glad you at least got some things back out!

  5. I'm laughing.....snort, laughing....



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