Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodwill Lanterns in the Hizzouse

I am imagining my husband cringing at my use of 'hizzouse'.  I crack myself up.

As some of you noticed in my last post, Jack stated that his favorite store is Goodwill.  I assure you that this is true! He loves it there.  I don't know why exactly, but I think it has something to do with the mayhem that is the toy section.

ANYWAY - last week, we were driving to the grocery store, and he saw Goodwill coming up (our Goodwill is in a huge red barn - you can't miss it) and asked if we could go - and really?  Who am I to say no? You know?  Twist my arm kid - I guess I'll go thrifting with you.

So there we were - my boys and I, just roaming the aisles at Goodwill (I typically just stick to the housewares/toys/books simply because I don't have the patience to comb the racks of clothing) and I spotted something.
 Something QUITE brassy.  But I knew those not so little beauties had potential...
...and for $14.99 a pop they are a really good deal - especially when I knew that similar lights (in a much better finish) were discounted to $99 on Joss and Main.

But hey - if there is one thing that being a cheap DIYer has taught me, it is that almost anything can be spraypainted, and I had REALLY been wanting to replace the boob lights in our living room.  There is nothing wrong with them, but they just don't add a whole lot to the room. 
Before I painted them, I laid them out and used a paint brush to really get any dust, bugs, etc, out of all the nooks and crannies, and I also covered the little candle thingies(I am sure there is a better term for that?) with tin foil. 
Oh and duh, I forgot to mention.  I removed the glass first.  In case you are wondering how to take lanterns like this apart, the little knobs at the bottom are generally screws - but be careful...once you take one or two off the rest usually falls apart. 

Once the paint was dry - I coerced my handsome and blurry assistant to spend his lunch break helping me actually hang these bad boys.

Matt did the actual installation while I held the light up (which was the same way we hung the chandelier in the dining room) and after just a few minutes of shoulder burn, we stood back to admire our new living room lanterns.  
Ooooooh, Aaaaaah.  And this reminds some point I should take pictures of our fall decorations...oops.

 Here is a before and after side by side of the other side of the living room as well. 
And yes, those are the chairs I snagged.  They are in desperate need of reupholstery, which I hope to be able to start next week!

I was really close to not posting this last shot, because it shows how my living room looks on an average day.  But that is here you have it!
Someday I will take pictures of it when there are not a million birthday balloons floating around, but today is not that day! Today there are cheerios on the coffee table and camera bags on the desk to stay out of the reach of little fingers. BUT the lanterns are fabulous, are they not?!

My total cost for this project came in at under $35, which is right where I like to stay for rental upgrades!


  1. Oooh i just love this!!! I have a fixture in our entry that is very similar (lots and lots of brass) that i HATE! You've inspired me to spray paint in instead of searching for a new one!

    1. Thanks! Ya, the brass finish is tough to look at for a while...our old house originally had all brass fixtures...I had to do some spray painting then as well!!

  2. Gorgeous! So jealous that your Goodwill is in a barn, btw!

    1. Thanks!! Its a fun building to be sure! They call it the Goodwill Plaza, but there are no other stores not really a plaza is it?

  3. Ooooooh those are AWESOME. Great find and even better transformation. They look perfect in the living room! :)

    1. Thanks! I really love the way they look in there!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks!! That little Jack knows what he is doing in Goodwill!

  5. I am in LOVE with those lamps! GREAT score!

  6. First of all, those lanterns look AWESOME.

    Second of all, did I already ask if you'd seen the chair-painting tutorial on Pinterest? Maybe a possibility for your chairs?

    1. Thanks!!

      I did think about painting them (ive never seen that link though - so thank you!) but the fabric that they are covered in has a weird polka dot texture, and its super worn on the arms, plus the one cushion is torn. I wish they were in good enough shape to paint though! That would make this MUCH MUCH easier!

  7. They look amazing! Great job and lucky you with a Good Will loving son! ;)


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