Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Potty Time

Do you remember back in - oh...March? - when I posted this picture and said that we were now doing this?
Yeah.  We didn't do that.  I mean...we tried.  But...it did not go well. 

But here we are - 8 months later, and Jack is now in week two of underwear.  It all started when we went to his three year well-visit.  The pediatrician asked if he was interested in potty-training, and Matt and I both kind of hemmed and hawed.  We explained that he is more than capable of going, but that if he wears a diaper he doesn't think to tell us - whereas if he is running around the house nekkid he tells us everytime. 

She told us that they pretty much consider that potty-trained, and that if we wanted to - he would probably be ready to just do this thang (she didn't say 'thang').

So we did it.  And he is doing awesome.  I mean..I don't want to brag, but man, my kid could win the Olympics in aim.  

He had roughly two accidents a day for the first two days, and since then, accidents are few and far between (he does wear a diaper overnight though).  He has even done two separate 2.5 hour road trips in undies - and not had a single accident in the car.

And that folks - that is how I learned the difference between a toddler being interested in going potty, and a toddler being READY to potty-train.  

Also - as an aside to all the non-parents who might be reading- it is TOTALLY ok if you think I am weird for being so proud of his potty skills.  I thought parents were super weird for stuff like this - and then I had kids and learned that we can't help being weird.  These tiny people turn our brains to complete mush. 


  1. They totally turn your brain to mush. Mine is 19 months and juuuust starting to tell us when he "boops" (potties) in his diaper. Of course by then it's too late... but I'm hoping this is a good sign!

  2. so did you just do a few days of nakey time? I think that might be what it takes for Kai. He will literally hang out in a wet pull up until it melts off of him. I'm so sick of changin' that kid!

    1. He just woke up on a Saturday and told Matt that he didnt want to wear diapers anymore. We put him in underwear, and we didnt look back. We were putting him in a diaper only overnight ever since that first day. It really was just a case of him kind of telling us that he was ready to do this. Jack would totally sit in a wet diaper until it leaked before he would tell me he had to go potty, but once he was in his underwear it was like it just clicked for him.

  3. I TOTALLY get it! Hunter is now potty trained...it's been a week and a half...and it feels AWESOME! I couldn't be more proud of him! THis past weekned was his first and second time ever using a public rest room and that was something I was so freaked out about (my son is/was petrified of the loud flusing toilets in a public restroom) but I tried not to make MY anxiety HIS anxiety. And you know what? he didn't even flinch! He did so good. So I totally get the proud feeling and wanting to tell the world. Our boys are growing up! *SNIFF SNIFF*

    1. Oh my gosh, the automatic flushing toilet TERRIFIED Jack the first time. I mean - he screamed and ran pantsless across the stall. It was so sad(also a wee bit funny). Glad to hear Hunter did great!! I swear I just dont know how they have gotten this big already


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