Friday, November 30, 2012

The Things You Do; November Edition

Squeaking in by the skin of my teeth on this month's post!! Also - that expression (the skin of my teeth) is kind of disgusting, no?
Jack:  You have started to recognize your name when it is written out.  You can sing through your whole alphabet, and you recognize most of the letters on their own, but I was astounded when I realized you knew that the combination of J-A-C-K means you!
Luke: You have realized that you are silly, and you LOVE to make people laugh.  Whether it is by sitting something on your head, or by sticking your fingers in their mouth, you will try your best to make others smile. 
Jack: You mastered potty training.  You wear big boy undies all the time, and you like to have final say in which pair you want to wear that day.  I am so proud of you!

Luke:  You have started really dancing this month.  You break it down man!! 14 months is a good age for dancing - because you haven't learned to be self-conscious in any way.  I love our daily dance parties.  You bend at the knee and lift your arms over your head - precious!

Jack: You started drumming out discernible beats.  I know that seems like a weird thing to notice, but I REALLY thought it was your dad drumming in your room with you one day - but it was you!! You clearly have inherited that from your father, because I have absolutely NO musical aptitude.  None. 


Jack:  You are SO excited about Christmas.  You told me about a week ago that Santa is a big man that flies around and brings us presents.  We don't do Santa - so I have no idea where you learned that - and I wasn't sure how to respond.  It's not that I think there is anything 'wrong' with believing in Santa, it just isn't something that we do.
 Luke: You are getting more and more coordinated everyday.  You use a fork now, not a baby one - no no no, you had to have a big boy fork just like your brother.  I think this month will be the month that we pack up the high chair and move you to a booster seat at the table, just like big bro.  Makes a momma
want to cry little boy!
November has been a fun - let's see what December has to bring!!

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  1. Also - for the sake of posterity - we had our first snow the last week of November! You guys loooove it!


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