Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Phew.  What a week.  I mean - it's been great, but man we are exhausted! We had our first 'Christmas' at my mom's house on Sunday, then my Dad's on Monday.  We were supposed to go to the Christmas Eve service that night, and then to my sister's house for a little get-together, but it started snowing heavily, so for safety's sake we headed home early.   Our two hour drive turned into a four hour crawl due to snow accumulating on the highway.  Ugh.  We had Christmas morning for just the four of us, and then we went to Matt's parents for the afternoon.  Like I said - BUSY!

Also - I managed to forget my memory card - so there are NO pictures of the majority of the holiday weekend.  Ya.  Fail. I did steal this one from my dad though...
I didn't think to get a picture while my little brother's girlfriend was with us, so the above is the whole gang minus 1!  And of course Jack refused to look at the camera. Yaaay for three year olds. 

BUT ANYWAY - Christmas morning dawn bright and early, and the boys had a great time ripping into their gifts.
And I had a great time admiring their little bods in those matching jammies.  Be still my Momma heart, but I do love a little one in footie Jams. 
Jack got his very first Nerf gun, and I actually picked up another one for Matt - we all know you can't have a Nerf war with only one gun!
They were pretty stoked!
Luke was pretty stoic about the whole thing.  I mean - he enjoyed it..but he didn't really GET it, you know?  He mostly just wanted to keep ripping paper apart.
He has enjoyed pushing that little mower around the house though, and I know that once it warms up outside he will get a lot of use out of it! (We chose this mower - for anyone interested).  It was a great Christmas, albeit very different now that we live up here.  It felt...weird. 

We are currently in the doldrums of the post-holiday slump, the decorations are down, its freezing outside, and we are all sick.  Bleh.  I would fast-forward to April right now if I could.  How about you?  Are you still riding the holiday high?  Or are you in the winter slump as well? 


  1. Totally winter slump here!

  2. Not quite slumping yet… though we are also sick in our house. I think you need to pick up a few January magazines--I always go on an organizing/redecorating kick in January. Nothing else to do, right?! :)

    1. Very true!! I was actually thinking I might do the 30 bags in 30 days thing...there is just TOO MUCH CRAP in this house! Haha

  3. Those matching pajamas are just too adorable!

  4. The footy pjs are too cute! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I think the slump is definitely starting to set in, probably will set in full force after I take down all of our decorations.


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