Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have Yourself a Mushy Little Christmas

It is no secret that I am a big ol' mushy ball of sentiment.  I just can't help it.  So I thought I would show you a few of the ways that we have a mushy Christmas.  That's totally a thing right? A mushy Christmas?  Mmmmkay then.

1. I have started keeping our Christmas cards and displaying them in a wall collage.  Sadly I can't find our earlier ones, even though I can picture them in my head.
 2.  Matt cuts off a piece of our tree trunk, about an inch thick, for us to keep.  I wish we had thought to do this when we first got married, but I am glad we do it now! I have a mental image of years down the road with a whole bunch of these little rounds lined up on a mantel.  I write the year on the front, and on the back I write the type of tree, and where we got it - in hopes that it will help us remember that specific year.  Also the nerd in me likes to see the difference from tree to tree (for instance the one from 2011 was a Blue Spruce, and the one from 2012 is a Fraser Fir).
3.  Personalized wall 'art'.  You all know I love displaying my little ones handiwork around the house - and this one is especially dear to me.  All it is is a piece of craft paper glued around a canvas, and then we made a tree.  The 'trunk' is Jack's foot, the bottom branches are Matt's hands, the middle are mine, the top are Jack's, and that little smudgy star at the top?  That is Luke's 7 week old handprint. 
4. Giving back together.  Last year we rang bells for the Salvation Army, and although I am not sure that we will be able to do that this year (since we moved away from our church that organized that) I hope to somehow do something similar.  I think it is important that our boys grow up knowing that they can make a difference, even if that just means some quarters in a bucket - it matters.
Aaaand yes - Jack was throwing his bell. 

5. Making ornaments.  This one is kind of a no-brainer, I guess.  Each year we buy the boys an ornament, and then we help them make some as well.  We give some of them away, and we keep some, and my hope is that by the time they are old enough to go out and have their own Christmas tree (sob!) they will have a big ol' bag of ornaments that they either picked or made. 
So...anyway...those are five of the traditions that we keep alive for the holidays.  Do you have any traditions that you love?  I would love to hear about them!! 


  1. I love this post! Your Christmas card idea is my favourite, the kids will love to look back on those pictures when they're older.

  2. I really love the idea of framing each year's christmas card! That's so cute! I also really like the tree idea. I think I'll start that when we start getting real trees (when we have kids). These are all such sweet ideas : )

  3. What better time than Christmas to be sentimental?! That's what traditions and the like are for!
    I made a banner last year out of cards from family members and people that have passed away that I hung up again this year. It just means so much to see that love around on the holidays and shed a few tears in remembrance.

  4. I love the idea of saving all of your old Christmas cards! Such a cute idea.

    And I am a big fan of the tree trunks! That is going to look amazing down the road when you have a bunch of them. :)

  5. I love that you guys save a piece of your tree trunks! I wish we did that, but sadly, we stick to fake trees.

  6. Love the idea of saving your old Christmas cards. Wish I would have thought of that 7 years ago. :)

  7. I LOVE the tree trunk idea! We always get a live tree (and we always go cut one down ourselves) so doing something like this would show the different trees throughout the year!!


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