Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Bags in 30 Days Final Check-In

Phew! We made it! Today marks day 30 of my self-imposed 30 Bags in 30 days challenge, and I gotta say...I did pretty good! Here is a look at my list as of today... you can see I got everything but my car finished.  Technically I did clean out all of the stray receipts, water bottles, etc. from the car - but there are still oodles of toys littering the floor in the back so I couldn't bring myself to honestly check that off of the list. 

My final Goodwill tally includes one bookshelf, a nightstand, a double jogger, two lamps, one weird exercise machine I never used, a booster seat, 13 garbage bags of clothing/blankets, 19 boxes of misc. junk, picture frames, and two office chairs I meant to reupholster and never got around to doing.  NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU GUYS.  I told you I kept everything.

Oh and there is one happy little box of stuffed animals that is heading to Guatemala (I think?) on a medical missions trip to give out to little ones after they get some free dental work!  As much as the sentimental side of me wanted to keep those stuffed animals, I knew that they could make a sweet, possibly scared, little child very happy, so I am happy to see them go!

AND on top of that I have a healthy yardsale pile that includes a ton of bigger baby toys like our exersaucer (sob), and a few nicer pieces of small furniture. 
Not only did we finally get rid of some of the stuff that has been laying around, but this also motivated me to actually go through the boxes in the basement and attic.  We had boxes from our FIRST house that we had never even looked through - and the vast majority of it was just old papers that we did not need.  I am happy to report however, that after FOUR years, I have finally found our marriage license.  Phew!

I have heard from quite a few of you either here on the blog, through instagram, or on facebook that you are joining in on an organizational challenge of your own, and I would LOVE to hear how you are progressing!

So spill! How is your challenge going? 


  1. You did great! I bet you feel so much lighter too!

    I love the idea of this challenge and plan to recreate it at our house later this year (January and February aren't the right time for us- vacation, job trips, etc). Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I definitely do!! Its amazing how good it felt to just get rid of it! Good Luck!

  2. That's so awesome! I'm so motivated by you! Way to go!!!

  3. WOW! I am so impressed! You must feel like a million bucks. I need to do this a my apartment... maybe I will make a plan today! You have inspired me! Want to come help me, too? ;)


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