Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Things You Do

Well...I totally missed December.  Dang it! Oh well...it was bound to happen.  So anyway - here we are with my monthly update about the ways that the boys are growing and changing.
Jack:  Your coordination has grown by leaps and bounds since you started gymnastics.  You were never un-coordinated, but the change we have seen has been really exciting.  For example, for the first two weeks you would not walk alone on the balance beam, you would only crawl.  Now you walk alone, hop, walk backwards, and walk sideways on the beam! Also...you call it the balance BEAN. 
Luke:  You are talking SO much little man.  Many of the words you say are still things that only Matt and I really understand, but you are getting there! New words are 'Jack-jack', 'car', 'choo', 'boo'(spoon), 'book' 'girl', 'blub-blub' (fish), 'marker' (your first real two syllable word!), and 'moo'.  I am sure I missing a bunch that I haven't recognized yet!
Jack:  You are totally diggin' the snow.  You throw snowballs, build snowmen, go sledding, and make snow angels.  You even like to shovel!

Luke: You really hate your mittens.  You really want to be able to hold things like your snow shovel, snowballs, etc, and your mittens keep getting in your way.  You are pretty good and sneaking at least one of them off while we are outside playing.

Jack: We were all sick recently, and I was reminded of what a sweet little soul you have.  Despite throwing up non-stop, you had the BEST attitude about it.  At one point you said 'Mommy! My belly keeps making bubbles and I said 'You calm down!' but it didn't listen!'
Luke:  You love to sing.  If I sing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' you sort of croon along and swing your arms.  It melts my heart every time. 

January has been a month of make-do, from bad weather, to sickness - so we are happy to say so long, and we are looking forward to February! Jack is excited about 'Falentine's Day'.  He heard there might be chocolate...

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  1. Luke-I just remembered a few more of your words!! Cheese, cracker, and hot!


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