Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Project: Super Hero Capes

Instead of this weekend project being something I made over the weekend - this is one YOU can easily make over a weekend (or just one night).

I have had this idea stewing in my mind for a while.  I saw a link of pinterest that linked to an etsy shop that sells adorable little capes for adorable little ones.  Being the cheap mom that I am though - I totally thought  'I can make that!'.  And then I promptly shoved that thought to the back of my head and did nothing about it.

On a recent meander down the fabric aisle, I spotted a really cute numbered fabric for only $1 a yard.  I brainstormed what I could do with it, when I realized that it would make a really cute liner to a super hero cape! I grabbed two yards of that fabric, as well as one yard of blue, and one yard of orange.

I got home and (after giving the boys and bath and putting them to bed) got straight to work.  My first step was marking off the general shape of the cape.  I made ours about 24 inches from top to bottom, 24 inches across at the bottom, and then I used one of the boys shirts to mark off a circle that would fit around their necks (in our case this was about 14 inches to make a loose collar).  I also snipped the front of the collar so I could use velco to attach it.  I just don't think it is safe to give little ones things that can't pull off of their necks! I didn't think to take a detail shot of this, but here you can see how it works (also you can see that it is easy enough that Luke can take it off on his own),
I drew my lines on my fabric, doubled it over because I was making two capes, and started snipping.  I then used that as a pattern for the numbered fabric as well, since as the back of the cape it has the exact same shape as the outer layer.  After I had cut the general shape, I went back and shaped the cape the way I wanted it too look, I rounded off the corners and neck, and I cut out the circle for the neck. 

I really wanted them to have a sort of emblem on the back of their capes, so my next step was to use a dinner plate to trace out a circle of our orange fabric (one for each cape).  I then cut out the letter of their first name.  I didn't use a template, I just eyeballed.

Next came the sewing!  First I pinned then sewed the letter into place on the circle.

Then I pinned and sewed the circle onto the blue outer layer of the cape.  I totally messed up on Luke's, but the mistakes aren't too bad, and since it is for a one year old - I don't think he really cares!
Next I pinned the blue layer and the numbered layer together INSIDE OUT.  I sewed them together all around the edge leaving only about six inches open at the very bottom. 

After that I simply flipped them inside out, and then sewed about a quarter of an inch inside the edge the entire way around the cape, closing off the bottom and finishing the edge.

Next I just sewed velcro onto the collar, and I was finished! All I had to do was wait for the boys to wake up in the morning so that I could give them their new capes!! And yes - they are still wearing jammies and sporting bed head :)
Needless to say - My little dudes loved them! Jack really got into it, he was running so much I couldn't get a picture of his face!

I was finished, cleaned up, and in bed by 9:30, so in total I would say this took me about two hours (not including the half hour that I spent fighting with my sewing machine.  I am a total newb). 

2 yds. number fabric -$2
1yd blue -$3
1yd orange - $3

I already had everything else on hand so my total spent was $8 for two super hero capes!


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