Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ch-ch-changes - in the Living Room

So there is this wall in the living room - and it kind of drives me batty.  It is on the side of the room with the door to the half-bath, and the laundry closet, so I can't put any furniture in front of it that would block access to those rooms.  I had put a little table there, which I liked the look of - especially when the house was decorated for fall - but the problem was that the bathroom door would swing open and hit it anytime Jack went to the bathroom (he doesn't close the door). The best picture I have of the space with the table is this one from the post about the lanterns.
I wanted to find something with a slimmer profile so that the door wouldn't be banging into it all the time, but there wasn't really a huge rush, so I took my time until I found the right piece (and the right price).

I finally found a leaning ladder-style bookshelf (when I was actually buying chairs for our dining room - more on that later) and I got to work setting it up.  The boys helped - and by helped I mean Jack jumped on the box while Luke made off with my screwdriver.
(The pictures on the bathroom door are vintage valentines)
In the end - I really like the way it fits the space - and the door stops before it hits it! Success all around!! I had fun trying to style the shelves.  I will be the first to admit that this is NOT my strong suit.  I tend to just jam as many books as I can on a bookshelf, but since you can actually see this as soon as you walk in the front door, I wanted to at least try!
Here we have our ever growing wine cork collection, atop books that totally show off the two different personalities in our marriage - flea market decorating and beers of the world.  I'll let you go ahead and guess whose is whose!
This shelf is the lowest - so it had to be kid-proof.  I popped in a picnic basket that I picked up at goodwill on the thrifting trip, and a few books.
A little higher up we find my Grandpa's camera acting as a bookend to a little Agatha Christie collection, along with a ceramic horse head - because why not?! (Sidenote - when I was debating my first DSLR purchase between Nikon and Canon - seeing that my Grandpa shot with a Canon was my deciding factor)
 Moving down another shelf we have a huge pinecone that we found at a gas station on our road trip to Florida earlier this month, a photo of my Poppy on his tractor on the farm where I grew up, and Jack's baby book.  
The top shelf is home to a cute little plant from Ikea, a fun mercury glass owl from my sister-in-law, and Luke's baby book

Over all, I am pretty happy with how it looks in the space, and for those safety conscious ones out there (hi mom!) I did bolt it to the wall with a small L-bracket (you can see it just above the owl in the above picture).  As with any furniture, but especially tall pieces, there is just no reason to take risks about things like this falling on little ones. 


  1. well that freaking cool. i want the owl. thanks.

  2. LOVE that shelf - and I think you did a great job styling the shelves! & I love what you store your corks in.

  3. Great job!!! I have a small wall like that in my kitchen between our bathroom door and basement door, and it drives me nuts too! Love how the bookshelf came out though, fits in the space perfectly :) ~Bre

  4. I love the shelf so much! Everything looks great :)

  5. Great shelf! You did great styling it too!


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