Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy Valentine's Day Craft : Potato Stamps

Yet another craft born of necessity...
I had gotten Matt's Valentines gift and stashed it in a closet, then kind of forgot about it for a day or so, then went to wrap it and realized that I only had Christmas wrapping paper.  He probably wouldn't have cared at all - but I did, so I whipped up some last minute homemade wrapping paper with some newspaper, a potato, and some red paint.

I remember using potato stamps with my mom, so this is definitely not a new idea, but they are cheap and they are easy for little hands to hold, so they are a fun afternoon craft!

The concept is simple.  Take a potato, chop it in half, and carefully carve whatever shape your little hear desires into the end that you just cut.
I let the boys stamp some paper as a craft that afternoon, and then when naptime rolled around I get creative with Matt's gift.  When you are finished with the stamp, you can just toss it in the garbage (or compost if you have it!).
The size and shape of the potato makes it very easy for little ones (even as young as Luke!) to hold, and they loved seeing the hearts that they were leaving behind.
So there you have it - a super cheap, easy way to make a stamp in whatever shape you need! Tell me...did you guys do this when you were little? 

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Looks like you had a great time time and I'll bet that Matt loved the paper and the gift. AK

  2. good thinkin'! Love a nearly free project using potatoes that you already have on hand! ;) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)


  3. how did i miss this? so cute sis!

    1. Thanks em! Do you remember doing this with mom?


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