Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Luke's First Haircut

Phew! We are back from Florida, and I am at the point that I have SO much to write about that I don't know where to start, so I figured I would break in with a VERY important post. 

You may have noticed that a certain blue-eyed someone has been sporting some beautiful long locks these days.  I can't tell you how many people urged me to never cut his beautiful hair, and a part of me really didn't want to do it, but it was in his eyes all the time, and it clearly bothered him - so...it had to be done!
We went to a really cute barber shop down in Florida, and all of the boys got a three-generational haircut! (Sidenote: when the barber asked Jack what he wanted jack said 'off the top!')

I ended up holding Luke for his trim, so there aren't too many pictures of that, but Matt did snap a few.  I told the barber that I was partial to Luke's curls, so if he could just trim the top and a little off of the back that would be great!
In a way...he sort of has a mullet now I guess - but the back is so curly that it does not look longer most of the time! Haha I guess we will evaluate at his next haircut whether we should trim the back more or not!

He really did great while he got his haircut, he just sat in my lap and looked at me for reassurance.  And the end result?

I saved a little baggie of his baby curls, and he got a sweet little certificate stating that he had 'bravely met the requirements of his first haircut and has now graduated from babyhood' which kind of killed me a little bit inside - but there you have it...

Luke's first haircut! He looks so much older to me...


  1. oh my! What a cutie! I'm sorry you had to cut it! Parker doesn't have curls but it's still going to kill me!

    1. Haha I spent most of the first day looking at him thinking 'what have a I done?!' but I am loving it now!

  2. Replies
    1. :) You will see it in person in just a few days!!

  3. So cute! Glad you kept some of those curls! :)

  4. I left a comment - but I think it disappeared?

    But I said that he does look so much older! But still so cute!

    1. blogger seems to eat comments every now and then! Sorry!

      And thank you!


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