Thursday, February 21, 2013

On Being a Mom

I think we all (well - those of us that are mothers anyway) need to be reminded of this sometimes...
And in honor of that - I would like to tell you about a day that I had a few months ago. 

Matt was gone for the day - I can't remember where - it was some work thing that had him gone from early in the morning and getting home late at night.  As a little surprise to him (and mostly because I didn't want to wait) I decided that I would revamp our kitchen.  I had gotten most of the painting and such done at naptime, and I excitedly hung up the plates for our plate wall.  

As I prepared dinner for my little boys, Luke was SUPER clingy, so I held him on my hip as I made something super healthy sticks.  As I got out our plates, Luke reached out and grabbed one of the new plates right off of the wall.  He dropped it onto my foot, shattering it into several pieces, cutting open my toes in the process.  So there I am - bleeding all over my kitchen, trying not to yell at my baby.  I put him in his high chair, gave him his juice, and got to cleaning up the blood/broken dishes in the kitchen.  

When I finally sat down on the floor to bandage my foot, I heard laughter from both of the boys.  I went into the dining room to see that Luke had opened his cup, spilled his juice onto his tray, and was happily splashing it all over the dining room - WHILE JACK DANCED IN THE SPRAY OF JUICE - arms held over his head as the sticky liquid ran down the walls.  

I lost my shit.  There is just no other way to say it.  I did.  I was SO ANGRY.  Later at dinner Jack said 'These are really good fish sticks Mommy' and I believe my response was something like...'let's just eat our fish and not talk'. 

After I got them into bed for the night I sat on the floor for a while thinking 'Man...I blew it today'.  

So there you go...some honest motherhood for ya.


  1. Oh today has been that for me. Nate is in Utah and I'm battling pregnancy sickness. This morning about 5 seconds after I got the clean clothes out of the dryer Dexter dumped dog food and water all over it. While I cleaned that up Piper overflowed the toilet and Dex punctured most of my K-cups and dumped the contents on the couch....the tv has been on for a while so Mommy can take a time out.

  2. Sorry but I just had to laugh when I read this and pictured Luke splashing in his juice and Jake dancing in the spray! :) I have been there, I think we all have blew it as moms! Wait until they are 7 and 9 and they know better and still do it, then you REALLY need patience. :D

  3. I have been there, OH have I been there. Motherhood is going to teach me patience if it kills us all.


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