Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Things You Do: February 2013

Am I the only one that is ecstatic that this month is over?  Man...for being the shortest month of the year it felt endless.

We kicked off this month with a 10 day trip to Florida, some of which was spent on our first big road trip with both of the boys (Jack had done the trip three times previously!)  Honestly - it was a ton of fun for me, but then I am one of those people that loves road trips.  We took our time, went to fun stops along the way, and just enjoyed our time together.  I am going to put some pictures from our trip in this post...just so we have them here somewhere!

But anyway...on to the things they are doing now...

Jack: You are starting to show a lot of interest in reading.  You have always loved being read to, and now you are starting to point to words and signs to ask what they say.  This is both very exciting to me - and very intimidating.  I am not really sure where to go from here!
Jumping on the bed at the first hotel after a long day of road-trippin'
Luke: You have learned that you really love to make people laugh.  You do this by making faces, dancing, and putting various things on your head.  It's pretty darn cute.
Venice Beach
Jack: You are defiant right now.  I don't know if it is from being cooped up from the weather, or the age that you are, or something else...but it is hard right now.  You go from being super sweet and kind to being absolutely unmanageable...and then when I correct you, you start to scream for your dad.  It's rough - but we will work through it to figure out what works for you.
The water was cooooold!
Luke: You have GOT to start sleeping through the night.  Enough said on that one.
Superbowl Sunday - hence the SF gear my husband is sporting.
Jack:  We told you that we are moving - and you are all kinds of confused about it.  You have visited the house we are moving to one time, but you seem to think that we will be moving in with your Mimi (my mom).  Hah! No dude.  Been there - done that. 

Luke:You talk so much! Sure - I am the only one who understands what you are saying, but still! You are talking! You even said "no car" the other day when I tried to strap you in to your car seat.
Jack: You caught your first fish with Daddy in Florida! It was the dearest thing!
Luke: You got your first haircut this month! Since then we have had trim the back - since you were starting to look a bit like a cast member from the Mighty Ducks. 

Boys: You go between being best buddies to flat out fighting in no time at all.  Still - I am so glad you have each other.  I also can't wait until we can get outside a little more to run off some of your energy!

Another month down...looking forward to spring!


  1. Sounds like Jack may be ready to start learning to read! So exciting!

    I have heard really good things about this book:

    1. Thanks Natalie!! I will definitely look into that book! I am so excited that he seems to have interest in it..but oy! It is intimidating to think about teaching someone to read!


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